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Room Reservations

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Room Reservations

The Office of the Vice President for Research and Partnerships schedules the following rooms on the Research Campus for use by research groups and research campus tenants.

Large VPRP Conference Room

SRTC Boardroom

The large VPRP conference room is classically designed around a long, rectangular conference table and is most suitable for meetings with up to 37 participants. It is complete with Polycom conferencing capabilities, a surround sound system, and is full presentation mode capable with LED screen, white board, food table, and frosted windows. It does not have a projector. Normally, it is used by large groups where meetings are scheduled by our office and VPRP employees are attending.

How to reserve

To reserve the VPRP Conference Room, email or call the VPRP main desk at 405-325-3806.

For a list of other available spaces maintained by Real Estate Services on the Research Campus, go to