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Post Award

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Post Award

Post Award from a PI perspective is all activity after a proposal is submitted. In ORS that activity is handled mainly by two areas – Pre-Award Services - Award Administration and Post Award Financial Services (sometimes if there are budget modifications/revisions your Proposal Development Specialist may be involved too but we all work/talk to each other).

Pre-Award Services - Award Administration

Pre-Award Services - Award Administration is composed of Sponsored Program Coordinators (SPCs) who review, negotiate, and accept all contractual agreements and subcontracts related to sponsored programs research. They set up your award files and accounts. They either sign or ensure that the correct authorized signatures are obtained for all the paperwork related to the award acceptance.

Award Negotiation and Award Administration Information

Always Remember

  • Any award documentation sent directly to PI must be forwarded to your SPC as soon as possible! If we don't get the information, then the award cannot be processed. When in doubt, check with your SPC.
  • All official documents MUST be signed by an authorized institutional representative (this is a legal appointment). The PI does NOT have the authority to bind the university.
  • If an award is increased or reduced from the original routed amount, a new budget will be required. Significant changes (PI, university commitments, major equipment, etc.) will require rerouting.
  • Always involve your SPC or Post Award Financial Services contact when talking administrative issues with a sponsor. For example, don’t say the work on an award is completed if all your expenses and reports have not processed; your comment could start the sponsor closing out, jeopardizing or complicating actions.

If you need a change in your award – PI Requested Award Changes
Contact your Sponsored Programs Coordinator (SPC) when modifications are needed to the award. Some examples of these are: no cost extension requests, re-budget requests, and changes in the level of effort for the Principal Investigator. Most of these revisions can be effected by using the internal OPAS form (excel). For changes not applicable to this form, contact your SPC for assistance. Discuss with your SPC how a no cost extension (NCE) might impact incremental funding or follow-on budget years before you submit the NCE.

An Authorization to Proceed (ATP) may be requested under certain circumstances by the Principal Investigator when an advance account is needed. This process may require an Early Bird Action Form. Contact your SPC for details regarding ATPs.

Pre-Award Costs
Depending upon the Sponsor, pre-award costs may be allowed up to 90 days prior to the start date of a new award. Contact your SPC for details.

If the sponsor requests a change in an award

Modifications to projects usually require ORS approval or action. Modifications need to be processed for the following actions:

  • incremental funding
  • supplemental funding
  • de-obligation of funding
  • changes in budget and/or project period.

When are new account numbers required?

  • when new awards are funded
  • if there is a lapse in the project period
  • if a new Purchase Order or contract/award number is issued
  • if it is a Sponsor requirement.

Technical Reports

  • Award documentation from Sponsor determines the frequency of reports.
  • All technical reports are prepared and submitted by PI.
  • An email report reminder is generated by the ORS tracking database and sent to the PI.
  • If the Sponsor contacts ORS regarding a past due report, the SPC will send an email to the PI.
  • Report already submitted? Let your SPC know so that the database can be updated.

Patent Reports

  • Due to Sponsor at close-out of award.
  • SPC will email PI regarding patents or inventions.
  • Patent form is prepared and submitted to Sponsor by your SPC.

Post Award Financial Services

Post award financial activities include: review and approval of fiscal expenditures, the application, and analysis of budgetary controls for funding sponsors, as well as ensuring institutional compliance with federal, state, agency, and other applicable governing regulations, policies, and procedures concerning sponsored research.

Post Award Information
Grant Account Object Codes
Uniform Guidance

Account Signature Authorization
Cost Transfer
Cost Transfer Justification (PAFS-1)
Early Bird Action Form
Expense Justification
Food & Beverage Expense Reimbursement
Independent Contractor Approval
Participant Payment Form
OPAS Budget Realignment
Payroll Expense Transfer
3rd Party Scholarship
Travel Claim
Foundation Advance