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Christian Heck

Description of image: Longitudinal section along the sagittal plane of a femur of the nine-banded armadillo (Dasypus novemcinctus) in three polarizations imaged with a Nikon Ni-U Eclipse polarizing microscope and stitched with NIS-Elements D. Left - Circular polarized light reveals collagen fiber directions, Center - Linear polarized light is used to examine growth marks and mineralization fronts, Right - Cross-polarized light lends to identification of tissue organization types.

Kayla Miller 1

Petrographic Microscope Image: Quartz grains in clay, carbonate, and calcium sulfate matrix, Permian Redbeds, RB Core (2,743 m depth), Western Kansas. TEM Image: Jarosite alteration in jarosite + 20 wt.% CaCl2 flowing brine experiment -- high angle annular dark field STEM image

Kayla Miller 2

SEM Image: Botryoidal mystery mineral (ongoing analyses) in Fe-bearing clay matrix, Permian Redbeds, RB Core (2,743 m depth), Western Kansas.

David Supeck

Prairie vole large intestinal section showing a goblet cell releasing mucin into the lumen containing bacteria. Tissue was fixed in a primary fixative of 2.5% glutaraldehyde in 0.1 M cacodylate buffer (pH 7.4) for 30-45 minutes. The samples were then secondarily-fixed in 2% osmium tetroxide with 0.1M cacodylate buffer (pH 7.4). The samples were washed with 0.05 M cacodylate buffer and en bloc stained with 20% ethanol (EtOH)/uranyl acetate (UA). The tissues were embedded in PolyBed resin. Gold-silver sections were double stained with lead citrate and uranyl acetate and examined with a Hitachi H-7000 electron microscope operated at 75kV.

Michael Anderson

Appendix for Micheal Anderson Description of Colon Nerve Mesh
Andrew Willoughby

Petalloid Anther: Arabidopsis thaliana plants with mutations in three NF-YC genes and a mutation in HY5 have anthers with petal characteristics (false colored yellow and white), a novel phenotype of these well studied mutants. This photograph was taken on the Zeiss Neon 40 Scanning Electron Microscope at 2.00 kV at a magnification of 150x. This image was false colored using GIMP image editing software.

Ahmed El Belasy

Euhedral microcrystalline quartz and micro-porous chert with examples for the micro- and nano- scale porosity present in the Carboniferous tripolitic chert reservoirs of the Midcontinent of the USA. The sample is from a roadcut in Pineville, Missouri
Radwa Hanafy

Plant penetration structure (appressoria) in anaerobic gut fungi, that looks like a pilot wheel.

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