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Dunham College

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Welcome to Dunham College!

Thank you for visiting the online home of Dunham College, a vibrant and diverse community of OU students who are striving to get the most of the OU experience. We have a lot to offer and we hope you'll take some time to check out our website to learn more about all the great opportunities and the wonderful people that make Dunham College so special! 

The Motto: Semper summa cum honestate, constantia, sapientia vivemus

“We shall always live with the greatest degree of integrity, perseverance and wisdom.”

The motto of Dunham College was developed by Archie Dunham and Dr. Mark Morvant, the first Senior Fellow of Dunham College. The motto speaks to the virtues that we hope to instill in our fellows throughout their time in Dunham and the challenge that we give to them as they go out into the world.

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