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Headington College

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Welcome to Our Home

We are Drs. Keith and Kim Gaddie, the Senior and Associate Senior Fellow of Headington College at the University of Oklahoma. We live here in Headington with our family and our bulldogs, the unofficial college mascots who you will see walking the halls with us nearly every day. We are responsible for leading the academic side of life in the college, while also participating as members of the college and University community. It has been our privilege since early 2015 to work with OU students, staff, and faculty to help develop this unique, student-governed living experience.

Headington College, one of the two inaugural residential colleges of the University of Oklahoma, is a living-learning community dedicated to the noble pursuits of life in mind, body, and spirit. We are here to live a good life by working hard, playing hard, and appreciating our time and experiences at the University of Oklahoma. We actively seek and create positive experiences and opportunities through academic achievement, professional development, and fellowship across the entire OU community.

Participation is important to the experience of living in the college, and there are many opportunities for residents to lead, create, and solve problems together. Headington is self-governed through the student-led hall and college councils. Professors from across the OU campus keep offices in the college and provide information and resources to students who want to learn more about their field. And alumni and guests visit to share their knowledge and experiences through academic programs and events that are suggested, planned, and run by residents of the college.

When you arrive, we encourage you to meet the staff and your fellow residents, get involved in the community, and take advantage of resources and opportunities to support your academic and professional success.  Study nights in the library, floormates who become dear friends, celebrations for achievements both large and small, and innumerable moments of fun and laughter together, these are the moments, the experiences, that make our college a home.

Welcome home to Headington College.

Keith Gaddie, Ph.D.
Senior Fellow, Headington College

Kim Gaddie, Ph.D.
Associate Senior Fellow, Headington College

Our Purpose

The motto of Headington College is “Dedicated to the noble pursuits of life in mind, body, and spirit.” In brief Latin, this translates to Expetenda Beata Vita — ‘aspiring to the good life,’ in thought, deed, and conscience.

The purpose of Headington College is to be a successful living-learning community where students develop and promote leadership, responsibility, creativity, and professionalism in academics, their future career, and their community at the University of Oklahoma and beyond.

As a member of the university community, we are dedicated to supporting and partnering with other departments and groups across campus to benefit students and uphold the mission of the University of Oklahoma. 

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