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Safety Scooter and Carts

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Electric Scooters can be an efficient and fun way to travel but when driven on campus, they must be operated in a safe and responsible manner. Please review this important guidance on how to prevent accidents and keep yourself and others safe while using an electric scooter on University Property. 

Scooter Operation

  • Always wear a helmet and keep both hands on the handlebars and items off the handlebars. 
  • Obey weight, age, and occupancy limit restrictions set by the manufacturer or owner. Only one rider per scooter at all times. 
  • Obey and follow all traffic rules, use hand signals, and do not perform stunts. 
  • To the extent possible, drive on streets or in bike lanes rather than sidewalks.
  • Always give the pedestrian the right of way, especially when driving on sidewalks. Always yield to individuals using crosswalks.
  • Approach sharp or blind corners with caution and reduce speed.
  • Reduce speed to compensate for inclines, pedestrians, and weather conditions.
  • Watch out for obstacles such as broken concrete or pebbles. Consider the terrain and environmental factors that may affect your ability to operate the scooter safely.
  • Maintain adequate distance between vehicles and pedestrians.
  • Slow down and lean back when riding over bumps.
  • Expect vehicles and pedestrians not to see you, slow down and plan ahead of time.
  • Alert others and be seen. Use a bell if available and a light at night.
  • Do not make abrupt unpredictable movements.
  • Choose the route that is least populated by pedestrians.
  • Control the speed of vehicles. If pedestrians are present, match the speed of pedestrians.
  • While operating the vehicle, do not use headphones, talk on a cell phone, or text. 
  • Always be aware of your surroundings.
  • Avoid narrow sidewalks if possible.
  • Never operate a scooter while impaired by drugs or alcohol.
  • Electric scooters should not be used inside buildings.


  • When the vehicle is not in use, only use designated parking areas and make sure scooter is parked upright.
  • Do not park scooter in a walkway.

Remember, driving scooters on campus is a privilege that may be withheld at any time if unsafe or inappropriate conduct is observed. Riders are responsible for any damage, injury, or loss caused by scooter use on University property.

To report unsafe, inappropriate, or destructive operation of scooters, contact Enterprise Risk Management for the appropriate campus:

Norman Campus: or (405) 325-2490
HSC Campus: or (405) 271-3287
Tulsa Campus: or (918) 660-3878

Printable Copy of Scooter Tips (pdf)