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Workers' Compensation

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All University employees, regardless of FTE (Full-Time Equivalency), including student and temporary employees, are covered for workers' compensation benefits. Workers' compensation coverage and benefits are provided under the Administrative Workers' Compensation Act, O.S. Title 85A which was enacted in February 2014 and the Workers' Compensation Act, O.S. Title 85 for injury claims prior to February 2014. These Oklahoma statutes specify who is covered, what injuries and diseases are covered and gives the benefits to be paid to employees with injuries and diseases that are compensable under these Acts.

Procedures to follow when an employee has an on-the-job injury/illness:

Use the online Forms and Documents page which contains the information and reporting forms to be completed, as follows:

  • OU Employee’s Report of Injury, Employee Medical Questionnaire, and Employee Records Release.  To be completed by the employee.
  • If you are needing to fill a prescription for the first time, please take the Temporary Prescription Card First Fill Form with you to the pharmacy.
  • Treatment Authorization.  To be completed by the supervisor and given to the employee to provide to the medical provider prior to treatment.  All employees must obtain treatment at either Goddard Health Center on campus, Norman Regional Occupational Medicine clinic, or any urgent care facility.
  • Supervisor’s Report of Injury.  To be completed by the supervisor.
  • OU Supervisor’s Supplemental Report for Needlesticks & Sharps Injuries.  If the employee has been injured by a medical device, such as a hypodermic needle or scalpel, the supervisor completes this form.
  • If the injury does not require medical treatment from a licensed physician, the employee must complete the OU Employee’s Report of Injury and the Medical Treatment Waiver.  The supervisor must complete the OU Supervisor’s Report of Injury.  Completed forms are to be sent to Risk Management using the instructions below.


Forms can be sent to Carrie Clark via:

Fax: 405-325-2435 using this Fax Cover Sheet