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College Students

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Available Program for College Students


If you are enrolled at The University of Oklahoma as a college student and wish to pursue a Navy or Marine Corps career, you may enroll into NROTC as a college program student. College program students who perform well academically, physically, and professionally may be awarded with a full scholarship that will cover his/ her remaining semesters. College program students who are awarded with the scholarship will also receive a monthly stipend (amount determined by year) and a $375 stipend for textbooks every semester.


  • $375 Stipend for text books each semester
  • Provides all uniforms
  • Provides all Naval Science textbooks
  • Subsistence allowance each academic month as follows:
    • Freshman: $250
    • Sophomore: $300
    • Junior: $350
    • Senior: $400


NROTC College Program

The College Program is for incoming freshman or sophomore students who desire a commission in the United States Navy or Marine Corps who have not been selected for the NROTC National Scholarship.  If accepted to the NROTC College Program, you will be required to participate in all NROTC events and activities to be eligible for NROTC benefits.  During your time in the unit you will be evaluated for academic, physical, and leadership aptitude.  At the end of your freshman and sophomore years you can apply for a scholarship.

College Program applications will be sent out upon request.  They will be due no later than 1 July.  Additionally, sports physicals must be completed after 15 May and submitted prior to arriving at New Student Orientation.  To receive an application contact US HERE.

Non-Affiliated Students

Non-Affiliated Scholarships are for freshman or sophomore students who desire a commission in the United States Navy or Marine Corps but have not previously participated in NROTC.  If selected for a 2 or 3 year NROTC scholarship, you will receive the associated scholarship benefits going forward and matriculate toward a commission in the United States Navy or Marine Corps.  Participation in all NROTC events and activities is required to maintain scholarship.  Additionally, you will be required to take the applicable Naval Science classes in addition to your normal classes. 

Additional information is available at

Non-Affiliated Scholarship applications are normally due at the end of May.  The selection board normally meets in July.  Students are normally informed of their selection mid-August.  To receive an application contact US HERE.