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High School Students

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High School Seniors - 4 Year Scholarship Program


Qualified high school seniors can elect to apply for a 4-Year Scholarship that will lead them to a career as a naval officer in the United States Navy or Marine Corps.

Note for High School students interested in applying for a NROTC Scholarship:  When completing your scholarship application you are required to list at least one college which you qualify for in-state tuition (remember Oklahoma State Law grants in-state tuition rates to those students who secure admission to OU and are either enrolled in NROTC College Program or present valid documentation of receipt of a Naval ROTC scholarship).  This means that you can list OU as your in-state tuition school on your 4-year scholarship application.

Scholarship Application Website

Scholarship Benifits

  • Full tuition or Room and Board at the University of Oklahoma-- it's your choice!
  • Pays all college/university educational fees
  • $375 Stipend for text books each semester
  • Provides all uniforms
  • Provides all Naval Science textbooks
  • Subsistence allowance each academic month as follows:
    •   Freshman:   $250
    •   Sophomore:  $300
    •   Junior:   $350
    •   Senior:   $400
  • Students attend 3-5 week Summer Cruises each year
  • Minimum active duty service obligation is five years active duty, three years reserve duty


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