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MECEP Candidates

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MECEP – Marine Enlisted Commissioning Education Program


The Marine Enlisted Commissioning Education Program (MECEP) is an enlisted to officer commissioning program designed to provide outstanding enlisted Marines the opportunity to serve as Marine Corps officers. Marines selected for MECEP who successfully complete Officer Candidate School and graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree will be commissioned a Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Benefits of Attending Oklahoma

Active duty Marines selected to MECEP will find there are many benefits in attending the NROTC Unit at the University of Oklahoma. Benefits include:

  • OU is the only Big 12 University to be selected as having one of America's 25 most beautiful campuses.
  • Low cost of living
  • In-state resident tuition for MECEP Marines
  • Nearby administrative support - USMC Inspector-Instructor unit is only 20 miles away
  • Tinker Air Force Base – 20 miles away
    • Large Commissary & Exchange
    • Military Hospital
    • Navy Federal Credit Union, just outside the Main Gate
    • Golf Course
    • Uniform Store
    • Information Travel & Travel office
  • 10 miles from Oklahoma City and 2.5 hours from Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

MECEP Life at Oklahoma

As an active duty Marine at the University of Oklahoma, you will be a member of the NROTC unit and will fall under the leadership of the Marine Officer Instructor (MOI) and Assistant Marine Officer instructor (AMOI). MECEP Marines will typically take 15 credit hours during a semester in a degree program of your choice. While in the MECEP program, by regulations you are required to complete the following Naval Science courses: Evolution of Warfare, Fundamentals of Maneuver Warfare, Leadership & Ethics, and you must enroll in Naval Science Drill each semester. Drill is held twice a week – this is when we come together as a unit and conduct training and activities.

While in the MECEP program, you will normally attend your college courses in civilian attire and will be expected to wear the designated uniform of the day twice a week and during drill periods.

As an active duty Marine and a member of the NROTC unit, you are expected to set the example for the rest of the Midshipmen in the unit. You will have the opportunity to serve in platoon, company, and battalion leadership positions. You will also have the opportunity to mentor, coach, and participate in unit activities such as the Color Guard, Semper Fidelis Society, and unit fund raisers. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to travel to other universities to participate in NROTC events in locations such as Boulder, Colorado, and Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

As a Marine officer candidate - physical fitness is important and critical to your success at Officer Candidate School (OCS). The MECEP program requires that you attend OCS for 10 weeks prior to your first year of college. Upon graduating from OU, the MECEP student will receive their commission as a Second Lieutenant of Marines.

Norman, Oklahoma is a great community for students and families alike! The University of Oklahoma is an institution with excellent academics, strong traditions, and a diverse student body. You will find Oklahoma as a MECEP Marine – an enjoyable and rewarding experience!

Come join us – BOOMER SOONER!


What can I expect when I check in as a MECEP Marine?    

A: You must check-in to the NROTC Armory Building on campus in the Service Alpha uniform – as is custom for all Marines checking into a new unit. After meeting the MOI and AMOI you will check in with the unit’s civilian secretaries and begin the joining process. Ensure you have your official orders, medical records, and birth certificate. After you have been joined with the NROTC, you will then proceed with checking into the local USMC Inspector Instructor unit for administrative and pay purposes.


How much time does NROTC participation take up during a week?    

A: It depends and varies. Drill and Physical Training are mandated by regulations and typically go twice a week for 2-hours and 1 hour respectively. During this period, the unit conducts professional military education, annual training, sporting events, marksmanship training, physical fitness, uniform inspections, cook-outs, etc. Throughout the year, you will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of events such as the Marine Corps Ball, Joint Military Ball, Toys for Tots drive, Oklahoma-Texas Football Run, and a host of other special events. We also run usher duties for the Oklahoma football games. You will find that the NROTC only takes up a small fraction of your total time here. You will enjoy plenty of time for academics and personal activities.


How do I pay for college as a MECEP Marine?

A: If you qualify for the GI Bill, you can utilize it to pay for your education here. The great thing about Oklahoma is that as an active duty Marine, you will be granted in-state tuition, which is a tremendous savings for the active duty student. Additionally, Financial Aid may be available to you, where you may qualify for grants and/or loans. Scholarships opportunities also exists, and many of our current MECEP students are recipients of scholarships.


What will I do during the summers as a MECEP Marine?    

A: You are required to be enrolled in 6-hours over the course of each summer, which basically equates to two courses.


Contact Us

Marine Officer Instructor
Phone: (405) 325-3001

Assistant Marine Officer Instructor
Phone: (405) 325-1970

Naval ROTC Unit
290 West Brooks Street
Room 12
Norman, OK 73019-4102