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Event Registration

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Why Register an Event?

As of August 2023, ALL events hosted by OU Registered Student Organizations (RSO) must be submitted through the ENGAGE event submission process.

Whether it be a tabling event on the South Oval or a club tournament in another state, ALL events must be registered in ENGAGE. 

What are the goals of this process?

  • Get traction with your event! Posting to the ENGAGE calendar gets your event distributed to other campus areas such as the What-To-Do calendar and digital marquees on campus. 
    • In cases of private events, you can still select to make the event “invite-only”.
  • Ensures that you are assessing any risks associated with on and off campus RSO events.
  • Ability to track attendance at RSO events
  • One-stop shop for the common RSO forms that may be needed for compliance. By registering your event through ENGAGE, this will streamline this process and the following forms will be included:
    • Special Events Request Form (SERF) – Must be submitted 15 days before the event.
    • RSO Alcohol Notification Form/FSPS Event Notification Form
    • Student Travel Registration Form

*Please note that your event may not need these forms. However, in cases where your event requires any of them, you can complete them in the event submission process and not have to complete additional forms.


To view the RSO Event Registration Release, please click below.

Event Registration Release [PDF]



If you do not see the organization for which you are needing to submit an event, or see “Events” when you click on the gear/settings icon within ENGAGE, you will need to contact the organization’s ENGAGE position holders. 
(Hint: All RSO advisers and ENGAGE Primary Contacts have full access to each group’s portals).

Based on your responses, the appropriate campus partners will be notified to review the event. (i.e. All RSO travel events will notify Teresa Schuster in the Student Affairs VP Office.)

Reviewers, administrators, and event registration submitters will be able to leave comments and attach/request any additional documents that may be needed in the comments section of the form.

After event registration has been approved, it will be posted to the ENGAGE calendar, based on your visibility settings. Be sure to have your visibility settings updated. Changes can be made by going into the event management tools. All updates will route through the same channel.

If you have questions about registering an event, please contact K. George Ahmadi at

If you have questions about ENGAGE, please contact support at