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Publicizing on Campus

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Publicize on Campus

Registered student organizations are permitted to advertise on campus through use of flyers, posters, chalking, and tree banners. Please review policies specific to each type of advertising below and then complete the publicity request form here on ENGAGE (login will be required).


  • Pre-approval for flyers and posters must be obtained by completing the RSO Publicity Request Form in ENGAGE, for all advertising postings located inside OU academic buildings, OU Housing, and around campus.
  • Requests for flyer/poster approval must include a copy of the material to be printed. Do not print any final versions of material until approval has been received.
  • All advertising, promotional, or informational material designed for display on any surface is restricted to permanent bulletin boards inside and outside University buildings. Any publicity placed improperly is subject to removal by campus personnel at the registered student organization’s expense.
  • In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, printed materials that announce a program or event must include information to offer accommodations. An appropriate phrase is: “Accommodations on the basis of disability are available by contacting (name, address, phone) by (date).”
  • Student organizations are responsible for removing all flyers/posters after the date of event.


  • Pre-approval for chalking must be obtained by completing the RSO Publicity Request Form in ENGAGE
  • Only white or yellow water-soluble chalk may be used. The use of spray chalk is strictly prohibited.
  • Chalked messages are restricted to horizontal concrete sidewalks and must not be placed under any building overhangs or within ten (10) feet of any building entrance.
  • Chalked messages must contain the name of the sponsoring organization.
  • Chalking cannot interfere with another message that has already been chalked.
  • Any chalking placed improperly is subject to removal by campus personnel at the registered student organization’s expense.

Tree Banners

  • Only two tree banner locations are available in the south oval and both are reserved very early in the year. Use of these locations is on a first-come, first-serve basis.
  • Tree banners must be professionally produced, weatherproof with wind cuts, and properly secured.
  • A banner display location must be approved through the following form.
  • Banner displays are limited to five consecutive days (including weekends) for registered student organizations.
  • Banners should not be printed until the reservatio has been approved.
  • Registered student organizations are responsible for hanging and removing tree banners on the designated dates.
  • Organizations are responsible for any associated charges with banner development, hanging, and removal if required.