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Registration and Updates

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Why Register?

All student organizations at the University of Oklahoma are required to register as an OU Registered Student Organization (RSO). 

Registered organizations receive benefits from the University of Oklahoma including access to SGA funds, on-campus financial account, free or discounted reservations of University facilities such as the Oklahoma Memorial Union, the ability to publicize on campus, an assigned mailbox in the Conoco Student Leadership Center, sponsorship opportunities from University departments, and more 

Before registering a student organization, please make sure you are aware of the policies. 

Click Here for the RSO Policy

Renewing an Existing Organization's Registration

2023-2024 Open Registration Renewals Ended on Friday, September 15, 2023.

All RSOs must renew their registration during the first 4 weeks of class in the fall semester. If you did not meet this deadline and are still needing to renew the group's registration, you can do so by going to the organization's home management page in ENGAGE and clicking on the re-register button. 

If you do not have organization management access to renew, please email for assistance. 

Register a New Organization

  • At least ten (10) enrolled student members
  • A faculty/staff advisor who is employed full time at the University of Oklahoma. The registration process involves enrollment verification for each of the stated members, and employment verification for the stated faculty/staff adviser. 
  • A completed and approved registration in ENGAGE.

Here are the steps to registering a new organization:

  • Log into ENGAGE
  • Click on the Organizations tab. 
  • Click on Register an Organization 
  • Clickon Register a New Organization

Greek Life Student Organizations

All Greek-lettered organization in Fraternity and Sorority Programs and Services (FSPS) in the Office of Student Life are required to register as an RSO and serve under a governing council. Registration will open on July 1, 2023 and close on August 25, 2023, and you can follow the same instructions above for renewing an RSO. Please contact Kylie Frisby at for more information. 

Update a Student Organization's Officers or Adviser

You can update all officer information in ENGAGE without needing administrative approval. Under the org management tools, go to Rosters and then click on Manage Positions. Please note that you must have organization management access in order to do this.