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How It Works

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Example of the Beginning Stages

  1. The department experiences attrition related to staff in financial, human resources, purchasing, and/or payroll support positions.
  2. The SBSC is notified once the termination ePAF routes through the system for approval.
  3. The SBSC Director (Emily Pierce) will meet with the department to understand the current roles and responsibilities and how the SBSC can serve the department going forward.
  4. The SBSC Director will work with Human Resources and the department to develop an allocation of work among existing staff that leverages the SBSC support structure, while providing high-level department support. Departmental input is key to designing and implementing the SBSC workflow to best support the faculty and staff in the department.
  5. The department chair and SBSC Director will meet to discuss a transition timeline that works best for the department. We will also want to attend a department/faculty meeting. The SBSC model for delivery of these support services is different than what has been done at OU for decades and establishing positive working relationships with faculty and staff is one key to efficient and effective operations.