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Reserving Classrooms

classrooms; chairs and tables in background

Classrooms are only available to OU Registered Student Organizations and OU departments.

Because the mission of the University of Oklahoma is to teach and promote academic excellence, the educational purpose of the University must be maintained at all times. 

Buildings on the academic campus are primarily for academic purposes (i.e. scheduled classes, departmental programs) and such use takes priority over any other type of use. To avoid conflict with the teaching goals of the University, the following policies must be followed by the Reserving Party when using classrooms:

  • Non-academic classroom use is available on a semester-by-semester basis.
  • Weekday reservation times will not be allowed during the first two weeks of the semester to accommodate necessary academic class adjustments.
  • Reservation requests may be submitted starting the first day of classes each semester. Any requests made during the first two weeks of the classes will be in a pending status until the 2-week reservation moratorium is lifted.
  • Classroom space may be reserved between the hours of 7 AM – 11 PM depending on availability.
  • Due to the priority of academic use, Campus Scheduling reserves the right to move any group to another space; however, every effort will be made to provide comparable space and services.
  • First priority is given to University departments, followed by programs sponsored by branches of the SGA, which include the SGA Executive Branch, Undergraduate Student Congress, Graduate Student Senate and Campus Activities Council, then by programs sponsored by RSOs.
  • Classrooms should be left clean and as found prior to use.
    • Additional furniture is prohibited in classrooms without approval from the Campus Scheduling office.
    • Food and drinks are not permitted in classroom spaces.
    • Rooms should remain unlocked at all times.
    • If extensive refuse is being created, removal must be coordinated with the Facilities Management office.
    • Decorations must comply with the University of Oklahoma Norman Campus Holiday Decorations Policy and shall not include items that cannot be easily removed after an event without damage.

Any reserving party failing to abide by these procedures may have classroom use privileges suspended.

Available Classroom Spaces

You can submit requests for use of approved Centrally Controlled Classrooms using OU Reserve.

SpaceSetup TypeMax Capacity
Adams Hall 100Tablet Chairs26
Adams Hall 101Tablet Chairs32
Adams Hall 104Classroom Style48
Adams Hall 112Tablet Chairs33
Adams Hall 150Auditorium (Rows of  Chairs)275
Adams Hall 255Auditorium (Rows of  Chairs)170
Adams Hall 3103Classroom Style60
Adams Hall 3106Classroom Style30
Adams Hall 3107Classroom Style60
Adams Hall 3208Classroom Style38
Adams Hall 3210Classroom Style38
Bizzell Memorial Library 225Conference Style12
Bizzell Memorial Library 233Conference Style12
Bizzell Memorial Library 324Conference Style12
Bizzell Memorial Library 418Conference Style12
Burton Hall 119U Shape20
Burton Hall 201Classroom Style21
Burton Hall 205Classroom Style30
Burton Hall 206Classroom Style30
Burton Hall 208Classroom Style24
Burton Hall 210Classroom Style50
Carnegie Building 205Classroom Style20
Carnegie Building 225Classroom Style36
Carson Engineering Center 117Classroom Style67
Carson Engineering Center 119Classroom Style22
Carson Engineering Center 121Classroom Style30
Carson Engineering Center 123Classroom Style23
Carson Engineering Center 438Classroom Style40
Carson Engineering Center 439Classroom Style30
Carson Engineering Center 441Classroom Style30
Cate Center 1 174Tablet Chairs30
Cate Center 1 237Tablet Chairs30
Cate Center 2 102Tablet Chairs20
Cate Center 2 140Tablet Chairs20
Copeland Hall 215Tablet Chairs24
Copeland Hall 218Classroom Style28
Copeland Hall 246Classroom Style25
Copeland Hall 340Classroom Style28
Dale Hall 103Classroom Style200
Dale Hall 107Tablet Chairs46
Dale Hall 112Classroom Style104
Dale Hall 116Classroom Style58
Dale Hall 122Classroom Style104
Dale Hall 125Classroom Style54
Dale Hall 128Classroom Style200
Dale Hall 200Auditorium (Rows of  Chairs)558
Dale Hall 206Classroom Style165
Dale Hall 211Auditorium (Rows of  Chairs)383
Dale Hall 218Classroom Style146
Devon Energy Hall 120Classroom Style71
Devon Energy Hall 130Classroom Style50
Devon Energy Hall 270Round Tables (w/  chairs)60
Farzaneh Hall 146Classroom Style36
Farzaneh Hall 148Classroom Style48
Farzaneh Hall 150Classroom Style40
Felgar Hall 300Classroom Style192
Felgar Hall 304Classroom Style60
Felgar Hall 319Classroom Style24
Felgar Hall 320Classroom Style19
Felgar Hall 334Classroom Style20
Felgar Hall 336Classroom Style30
Gaylord Hall 2020Classroom Style60
Gaylord Hall 2030Classroom Style60
George Lynn Cross Hall 123Auditorium (Rows of  Chairs)223
George Lynn Cross Hall 131Classroom Style60
Gould Hall 150Classroom Style48
Gould Hall 155Classroom Style68
Gould Hall 160Classroom Style40
Kaufman Hall 132Tablet Chairs24
Kaufman Hall 134Tablet Chairs24
Kaufman Hall 135Tablet Chairs24
Kaufman Hall 136Tablet Chairs24
Kaufman Hall 137Tablet Chairs24
Kaufman Hall 138Tablet Chairs52
Kaufman Hall 140Tablet Chairs30
Kaufman Hall 231Tablet Chairs19
Kaufman Hall 233Tablet Chairs18
Kaufman Hall 234Tablet Chairs20
Kaufman Hall 319Hollow Square 24
Kaufman Hall 330Hollow Square 16
Michael F. Price Hall 2010Classroom Style48
Michael F. Price Hall 2020Classroom Style48
Michael F. Price Hall 2030Classroom Style48
Michael F. Price Hall 2040Classroom Style64
Michael F. Price Hall 3010Classroom Style48
Michael F. Price Hall 3020Classroom Style48
Michael F. Price Hall 3030Classroom Style48
Michael F. Price Hall 3065Classroom Style36
Nielsen Hall 170Auditorium (Rows of  Chairs)225
Nielsen Hall 251Classroom Style45
Nielsen Hall 270Auditorium (Rows of  Chairs)310
Physical Sciences Center 100Classroom Style69
Physical Sciences Center 102Classroom Style54
Physical Sciences Center 108Auditorium (Rows of  Chairs)164
Physical Sciences Center 114Tablet Chairs40
Physical Sciences Center 115Tablet Chairs40
Physical Sciences Center 116Classroom Style40
Physical Sciences Center 117Tablet Chairs40
Physical Sciences Center 119Classroom Style21
Physical Sciences Center 120Classroom Style23
Physical Sciences Center 121Classroom Style24
Physical Sciences Center 122Tablet Chairs35
Physical Sciences Center 201Auditorium (Rows of  Chairs)252
Physical Sciences Center 212Classroom Style27
Physical Sciences Center 222Classroom Style40
Physical Sciences Center 223Classroom Style24
Physical Sciences Center 224Round Tables (w/  chairs)40
Physical Sciences Center 225Classroom Style24
Physical Sciences Center 228Conference Style20
Physical Sciences Center 313Classroom Style36
Physical Sciences Center 314Classroom Style36
Physical Sciences Center 316Classroom Style36
Physical Sciences Center 317Classroom Style34
Physical Sciences Center 321Classroom Style40
Physical Sciences Center 323Classroom Style60
Physical Sciences Center 356Classroom Style27
Physical Sciences Center 359Tablet Chairs36
Physical Sciences Center 360Classroom Style24
Physical Sciences Center 363Tablet Chairs30
Physical Sciences Center 403Classroom Style40
Physical Sciences Center 404Classroom Style32
Physical Sciences Center 416Classroom Style40
Sarkeys Energy Center A133Tablet Chairs16
Sarkeys Energy Center A235Classroom Style120
Sarkeys Energy Center A236Classroom Style26
Sarkeys Energy Center M204Classroom Style55
Sarkeys Energy Center M207Classroom Style50
Sarkeys Energy Center N202Classroom Style121
Sarkeys Energy Center P201Classroom Style30
Sarkeys Energy Center P203Classroom Style30
Sarkeys Energy Center P207Classroom Style30
Sarkeys Energy Center P209Classroom Style30
Zarrow Hall 105Classroom Style36
Zarrow Hall 115Classroom Style36
Zarrow Hall 120Classroom Style46
BuildingRoomReservation Information
Bizzell Memorial
Carson Engineering CenterALL

Request Form

Reservation Info

Collings HallALLBarbi DeLong
Dale Hall Tower905Dave Kyncl
Devon Energy Hall - Weekend ReservationsALL

Request Form

Reservation Info

Dunham Residential CollegeALLOU Reserve Platform
Farzaneh HallAdditional SpacesStephanie Sager
Gallogly HallALL

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Reservation Info

Headington Residential CollegeALLOU Reserve Platform
Innovation Hub (3 Partners Place)132Innovation Hub
Rawl Engineering Practice FacilityALL

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Reservation Info

Parkway South280FJill Richardson
Stephenson Research and Technology Center1030Dora Rapp
Wagner HallALLRequest Form
Zarrow Hall - Additional spaces & central classroom Weekend ReservationsALLMeagan Oliveros

Reserve Classroom Space

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