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Application Process & Tips

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Applying for a CAC Exec

Campus Activities Council programs 15 campus-wide events and activities throughout the school year, and you can help make them happen!

The Executive Committee is made up of the Event Chair, Vice Chairs, and Committee members that works cohesively to program an event on campus. The entire Committee meets once a week, and members work with their Vice Chairs and Chair to publicize, program, and create great events. Each Committee Member is a vital part of how CAC programs great events.

Members of the Event Exec help with the operations, programming, publicity, and sponsorship efforts of the Event throughout the year. The executive committee meets weekly. Each committee member will have specific jobs completed through the committees listed below. A student can only serve on one year-long and one spring OR fall committee or on one spring and one fall committee.

Application Process

Positions are open to anyone and everyone; no experience required. Students can apply for any of these positions for any event: Executive Committee, Vice Chair, and Chair. Typically, Vice Chairs and Chairs have spent a year involved with CAC. Each event has a common application, and each applicant is guaranteed an interview with the events Vice Chairs and Chair. The common application includes a place to submit your resumé and a couple of short responses. The interview should last no longer than fifteen minutes, and you'll hear back soon, promise!

We recommend students explore all of our available events through our website and by attending CAC Open House on August 22nd (more info here). Executive Committee applications typically open at the begining of each semester, with Vice Chair and Chair applications happening throughout the semester.