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Help Us Make the Magic Happen

Students taking a photo and hugging.

Donate to Support a Tuition Waiver

HSLC campers are primarily students who are seeking opportunities to learn more about their leadership style and develop as a leader. Students that attend HSLC are often first generation students, come from various socio-economic backgrounds, and face obstacles in achieving higher education. Through this experience, students  discover their potential and learn from those around them. Students leave HSLC and go back to their schools and communities with characteristics that help them become more caring and capable leaders for the rest of their lives. Additionally, students leave HSLC with enhanced future outcomes. Over 80% of students who attend HSLC go on to pursue higher education and 63% of those students attend the University of Oklahoma. 

HSLC strives to create an environment that is inclusive and accessible for all students. The cost of attending HSLC is $150 which covers costs like lodging and program expenses. HSLC provides full and partial need-based tuition waivers for students who are accepted to attend the conference but require financial assistance. Fulfilling these tuition waivers requires vast sponsorship and fundraising. HSLC is seeking financial assistance in this endeavor for HSLC 2021, which will take place February 2021. A donation to HSLC goes towards the fulfillment of camper tuition waivers, which provide students with the opportunity to attend HSLC. Through your support, HSLC can effectively equip, empower, and inspire young leaders to reach their full potential.

All donations raised through this campaign go towards fulfilling need based tuition waivers for students selected to attend HSLC 2021. Please email with any questions.

Any donation towards a $150 tuition waiver helps. If you're interested in donating, please mail checks written to CAC HSLC to the following address:

CAC High School Leadership Conference
University of Oklahoma
Attn: London Moore
900 Asp Ave., Suite 370
Norman, OK 73019-4058

Yujin Kang

"HSLC brought out the leader in me. I was very shy junior year. The three days I spent at the conference impacted me more than any leadership class ever could. These people care about you, and they want to see you do great things."

- Yujin Kang

Camper Survey Testimonies

“Within 24 hours, not only had I grown as an individual, but I watched strangers become some of my best friends and then grow as well. Everything came full circle. I loved how HSLC encouraged emotional growth.”

“It’s hard to narrow it down to one moment, but my favorite would probably have been the burn-on bracelets. It’s something that I look at everyday and I’m constantly brought back to a place of so much fun and peace. My word was “purpose,” which is kind of funny because my top animal was a porpoise. Everytime I look at my bracelet, I’m reminded to find my purpose in leadership and keep an open eye for other people’s purpose to help guide them."