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Soonerthon Events

While the Day-Of Soonerthon occurs annually in March, students at the University of Oklahoma work year round to raise money for the kids! Typically, four events are put on by CAC Soonerthon. These include the 12-hour dance marathon, a 5K and one mile fun run, a block party, and so much more! All of these events are put on by students in order to raise awareness for Soonerthon’s cause and to fundraise for the kids. Links to register for events will be made available as registration opens for each one.


Soonerthon Day-Of

Tentative - March 6, 2021


Students at Soonerthon make a pledge to stand a full 12 hours on their feet, starting at 10 am, in support of the kids who can’t. During this time, students dance, hang out at a carnival put on for the Miracle Children, and take part in a variety of other activities, which celebrate the lives of the kids.

All Miracle Families are invited to attend, and both the families and the students get to enjoy spending time together. This end-of-year event attracts over 3,000 students and culminates in the total reveal of all funds raised.

Last year Soonerthon raised over $900,000 for Children’s Hospital Foundation.


Day of Miracles

Starting in 2017, Soonerthon held its first Day of Miracles. This is 24 hours dedicated to raising funds and awareness across OU's campus. On this day, we highly encourage participation from students on campus. We especially focus our efforts on sharing stories from Miracle Families and getting more and more people connected to the cause. In 2018, we were able to raise $163,594.18 in 24 hours!

Music and Miracles

Miracle Kid and Boomer

Music and Miracles is Soonerthon 2019's first event of the year. Soonerthon teams up with CAC University Sing to co-program an event that everyone can enjoy. U-Sing acts get to perform a sneak peak of their act while hanging out with Miracle Families, enoying food trucks, and raising awareness for Soonerthon. 

Keep Glowing 5K

Soonerthon’s Keep Glowing 5K is a race that satisfies every type of runner. For the competitive or the recreational runner, this event brings all of us together to do what we love while contributing to a great cause. There will be a Miracle Child in attendance and their family will share his or her story. 



Child's Health Day

October 1, 2018

Child Health Day is a United States Federal Observance Day observed on the first Monday in October. In a Presidential Proclamation in 2013, President Barack Obama stated that “On Child Health Day, we are reminded of our first, most urgent task—to protect and develop the health of our children. Today, let us reaffirm our commitment to our Nation’s youth and remember our future depends on their success.”

On this day, Dance Marathons across the nation come together to raise awareness and funds as well as encourage registration across their campus. We are so excited to participate in this nation-wide event and can't wait to see what Dance Marathons across the country do this upcoming Child's Health Day.