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High School Mini Marathons

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High School Mini Marathons

Mini Marathons are High School versions of Soonerthon’s most renowned events, and can be anywhere from 2-6 hours to even month long events. These Mini Marathons are school wide fundraisers that may not even include dancing. The event and planning are completely up to the students!

Norman North

Bethany High School

Casady High School

Centennial High School

Duncan High School

Latta High School

McGuiness High School

Purcell High School

Mini Marathons give students an incredible project-based learning opportunity. All students involved will not only learn more about the importance of service and philanthropy, but they will also have the opportunity to improve their leadership abilities, time management, delegation, working as a part of a team and project management skills. Based on the specific role that the individual takes within the organization, he or she will also gain experience in public speaking, working with local businesses and corporations to secure sponsorships, marketing, fundraising, accounting, public relations, social media, event planning, and more! Through the Mini Marathons program, it provides skillsets that will prepare students for college level leadership positions as well. It also gives all students an opportunity to be involved in serving their community. High School Mini Marathons has the potential to unite the entire school under a cause.


Daniel B. Carpenter
Director of High School Mini Marathons