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Soonerthon is a yearlong fundraiser that supports Children’s Hospital Foundation in OKC. Last year, Soonerthon raised over half a million dollars For The Kids! This would not have been possible without the efforts of OU students, faculty, staff, and the community. Check out the different ways in which you can be FTK through fundraising!

  1. Click below to register!
  2. Click Register Now
  3. Fill out information
  4. Join a team, create a team, or sign up as an individual 
    1. Join a team - many student organizations create teams for Soonerthon. Use the drop down list to see if your student organization has a team. 
    2. Register a team - If not, check and see if they would want one and then start your student organization's team. Or you can create a team for your friends!
    3. Sign up as an individual - you didn't need to register with a team to attend Soonerthon! Register as an individual and you'll be grouped with other individual registrants in your graduation class.
  5. Continue following the rest of the steps!
  • Post a link to your online fundraising page on Facebook, Instagram, etc.

    • Social media is the easiest way to reach a large audience quickly!

    • To find your fundraising page, go to and search your name.

    • You can also personalize your fundraising page with reasons why you are FTK, a profile picture, fundraising page photo, and set your personal fundraising goal!

  • Send emails

    • Email everybody you know! High school teachers, high school coaches, high school friends, cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, your coworkers, your parents’ coworkers, professors (you'd be surprised), youth group leaders, people you know from church, friends that participate in Dance Marathons at other universities, anybody with kids, etc.

    • Here is the email template!

  • Send letters

    • Submit addresses for people you want to send letters to! Soonerthon Ambassadors will print and send these letters for you. Fundraising couldn’t be any easier!

    • Here’s is an example of the letter!

  • Send Facebook messages

    • Here’s a quick template you can use to message friends on Facebook! It’s simple and it’s a great way to use social media to fundraise money!

    • Hi ______! Hope you're doing well! I'm raising money for Soonerthon, OU’s largest student-led philanthropy, and my goal is to raise ____ For The Kids. Soonerthon is a 12-hour dance marathon that benefits Children’s Hospital Foundation in OKC. I was wondering if you'd like to donate $5 toward my goal! Anything helps and it all goes to the kids! Here is the link to my fundraising page <INSERT LINK: go to and search your name>.

  • Save money that you usually spend

    • Pack a lunch at least once a week until Soonerthon, donating $5-7 each week.

    • Skip out on your daily coffee/smoothie and donate that money toward Soonerthon.

    • Put a jar in your room and put the loose change from the day into the jar every day!

  • Sell items

    • Food (baked goods, candy, etc.)

    • Hand crafted items (mugs, jewelry, art, etc.)

    • FTK themed gear (laptop decals, keychains, buttons, fanny packs, socks, headbands, etc.)

  • Be your own Tapingo: Deliver food/drinks

    • Your friends order and pay for their food/drinks, you deliver the orders, and all the tip money goes toward your Soonerthon fundraising goal!

    • Ex: Deliver coffee from Starbucks, deliver food from restaurants on Campus Corner.

  • Make a video

    • Record a video of yourself and share why you are involved with Soonerthon, why you are FTK, your personal experience with Miracle Kids, etc.  It’s a different and unique way to get your audience engaged with the cause. Post this video on social media!

  • Volunteer your time for donations

    • Offer to tutor in exchange for donations.

    • Offer to babysit/dogsit for your parents’ friends.
Fundraising Ideas