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 Every student has a say in SGA's future.


Many Student Government Association (SGA) positions are elected regularly by a student body vote.  The SGA holds one election in the fall and one in the spring.

The following positions are elected in the fall:

  • SGA President & Vice President
  • Undergraduate Student Congress representatives
The following positions are elected in the spring:
  • Campus Activities Council Chair
  • Undergraduate Student Congress representatives
  • Student Bar Association President

Questions?  Please keep exploring these webpages ... 

Run for SGA President/VP                  Run for Student Congress

Who can vote?

There are different eligibility requirements for voting in SGA elections.

SGA President/VP and CAC Chair: All students enrolled on the Norman campus can vote, including graduate students and law students.

Student Congress representatives: Undergraduates can vote for candidates within their academic district.

Student Bar Association (SBA) President: Law students can vote.



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