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While each Senator in GSS is responsible for primarily advocating

on behalf of their departments, SGA Senators also participate in one

of the eight standing committees.  Please see the descriptions below.



I. Academic Affairs


Focuses on issues that affect graduate students in terms of their academic missions and goals, such as exam preparation week, the language test for international graduate assistants, etc.  The committee also selects the Outstanding Graduate Students for the academic year.  

picture of hesham aboukeila

 Committee Chair: Hesham Aboukeila


II. Development & Philanthropy


Provides assistance, services, fundraising, grant writing, and leadership of a service project within the Graduate Student Senate.

picture of David Morrison

Committee Chair:  David Morrison


III. External Affairs


Confronts problems of wages, health insurance, facility access rights, and the relationship of graduate students to their departments and the university community.

picture of Sam Mentzer

Committee Chair: Sam Mentzer


IV. Internal Affairs

SGA Home

Helps manage the Graduate Student Senate's relationship with other SGA branches, works on the Senate's bylaws, and oversees the Senate's internal policies and procedures.

picture of Jordan Norris

Committee Chair: Jordan Norris


V. International Student Affairs


Addresses all matters concerning international Graduate Students, strive to improve the relationship between GSS, international Graduate Students and other groups, organizations and/or departments, always promoting a positive student experience.

picture of feyi babayemi

Committee Chair: Feyi Babayemi


VI. Public Relations


Oversees advertising for events related to the Graduate Student Senate, as well as general advertising for the Senate.

picture of Elizabeth Cox

Committe Chair: Elizabeth Cox


VII. Sustainability


Focuses on identifying policies and practices of the University, state, nation, and worldwide that promote the most efficient and responsible use of resources. Recommends and coordinates sustainability initiatives to the University community that promote environmental sustainability on campus.

picture of Kayaresh Karami

Committee Chair: Kayaresh Karami


VIII. Way and Means


Manages both the Research and Creative Activities Grants and the Conference and Travel Grants allocation process as well as serving in an oversight role for the SGA budgetary process.

picture of Lexi Walton

Committee Chair: Lexi Walton



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