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The Graduate Student Senate (GSS) offers grants to assist graduate students of the University of Oklahoma in scholarly endeavors, preparation for a competitive grant writing process and research.  These grants are designed to encourage graduate students to participate in professional and graduate conferences, creative exhibitions, and career fairs. Only students who are members of a department in good standing with the Graduate Student Senate are eligible for this grant.

Spring 2023 Application Deadline

February 17th, 2023 by 5:00 PM

  • Complete an application for a research and/or conference grant.
  • Get a recommendation form completed by a sponsor.

Select the following ...  Grants Q&A   for help with common questions (e.g., form completion, application submission, and/or file naming conventions) too. 

The following buttons are PDFs of each form 

recommendation           conferences           research


*** Completed grant applications and all supporting documentation needs to be emailed using your OU email to It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure their faculty sponsor knows to send the recommendation using their OU email account.***



Ways and Means Committee Chair

Lexi Walton

Expenses accrued between the dates of July 1st and December 31st must be requested during the Fall application process.  


Expenses accrued between January 1st and June 30th must be requested during the Spring application process.


Requests must be made the same year the expenses are accrued. 


*For more information regarding when and how funds may be requested, please see the Grants Q&A.*



GSS grant awards are supplementary in nature.  Requirements for eligibility include:

  • The applicant must be enrolled in a graduate program at the University of Oklahoma during the semester in which they receive the grant.
  • The applicant must be from an Academic Unit (i.e., Department / School / College) in good standing within the GSS.

Questions? ... Please email your department's senator(s)  ... find out who by the following link to the Meet your Senators webpage.


After the applications are received, sorted and organized ... the selection committee can make their final decisions.  Only THEN a list of grant recipients and amounts awarded will be made available. 

*If you are awarded a grant, please be aware of the processing or contact the Shared Business Services Center (SBSC).