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Student Organizations

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Student Organizations

The SGA is proud to present a variety of programs and initiatives for the 500+ Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) at the University of Oklahoma.  Whether it's allocating hundreds of thousands of dollars for student organizations to do what they do best or providing audio-visual equipment for check out free of charge, we have something for RSOs of all sizes!

Become engaged on:

OU Engage is a platform where you can join RSOs, find upcoming events, and apply for funding. Click on the button below to become engaged today:


Do you need funding for your organization? Go to the FUNDING page.

Information about checking out equipment can found on the resource office (SORO) page.


Need RSO Assistance?  Explore the buttons below

 Funding    Resource Office (SORO)    ENGAGE HELP


or call (405) 325-5471 at OMU 181, west of the courtyard


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