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The Student Government Association (SGA) is responsible for allocating over $600,000 of the student activity fee each year to Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) at OU. The following information is intended to serve as a guide to the types of funding available for organizations, how funding is allocated, what is considered appropriate and inappropriate uses of funds, how to use SGA funds, etc.

Applying for SGA Funding

You must be a current OU Registered Student Organization (RSO) in order to apply for SGA funding.

Create an SGA budget request

**(2022 - 2023 Budget Requests will not available until the first day of classes on August 22, 2022)**

1. Go to the Finance section of the RSOs page in ENGAGE.

2. Click on Create Request

3. Click on Create Budget Request 

4. To see if you already have SGA funds from the 2022-2023 SGA PRIMARY Funding process, please look on this link

5. SGA will only fund items that are allowable purchases, per SGA policy.  Click on the button below for appropriate use of SGA funds. 

Click Here 


Budget approval process

After an SGA budget application has submitted, here are the steps that follow:

1. All applications are seen and evaluated by the SGA Budgetary Committee.  This committee is composed of members of the Undergraduate Student Congress (Congress) and Graduate Student Senate (GSS). 

2. After each application is evaluated, SGA funding legislation is created and sent to a weekly Congress meeting and also a separate, biweekly GSS meeting for their consideration. 

3. Once approved, the legislation is sent to the SGA President for signature approval.  

4. After the funding is approved by SGA, the funds are allocated to the Accounts section of the group’s ENGAGE page. 

*** Please note that the full funding process (steps 1-4 above) can take 3-5 weeks.***


Demetri Papahronis: SGA Budgetary Committee Chair -

Curt Swanson: SGA Accounting Specialist -

Spending your SGA funds

The Office of Student Government and Organizations Services has been working with OU Shared Business Services Center and OU Financial Services to create on-campus financial accounts for all RSOs. We are diligently working to integrate information between OU and ENGAGE so that RSO can use ENGAGE Finance tools to look at their current balance with SGA funding and sponsorship from other departments. Please check back for more information. 

You can check to see if your organization received 2022-2023 SGA Primary Funding by clicking on the button below.  If your organization received funding and you need to make purchases, please email in order to start the process. 

2022-2023 SGA Primary Funding