Syrian Links

St. Andrews Center for Syrian Studies

Syria Comment: Informed commentary on current politics in Syria

Creative Syria: The premier site on Syria, past and present. Includes priceless historical photos, plus exclusives from Syria's top experts, artists and bloggers.

Learn Syrian Colloquial @ an excellent online Syrian Arabic language book, supported by audio tapes. Free and easy.

Institut Français du Proche-Orient: The intellectual Mecca of Damascus. It boasts the best European language library and perhaps best Arabic language program in Syria.

Orient Institute (German Institute) H. Beyhum Str., Zokak el-Blat
POBox 2988 Beirut - Lebanon

German Archaeological Institute in Damascus
PO Box 11870, Damascus - Malki, Syria

Syria Daily: Current news about Syria. Part of World News Network

Al-Thara: first website dedicated to women's rights in Syria. The website is complimented by displays of art and collections of poetry and short stories. In addition, there is an interactive section that encourages people experiencing gender-based discrimination or violence to seek help.

The Syria Report: The Syria Report is the leading source of economic and business information on Syria.

Middle East Intelligence Bulletin: Information on Syria and Lebanon unavailable elsewhere. A publication supported by Maronite and pro-Israeli spin doctors. Important to anyone interested in the politics of the region.


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