Hispanic American Student Association

The Miss Hispanic OU Scholarship Pageant is not a beauty contest.  The most important qualities are the comprehensive knowledge of the Hispanic people and a dedication to the advancement of the Hispanic Community.  Candidates are not required to be Hispanic, but they should be knowledgeable about their culture and current issues affecting Hispanics.  They should also be able to demonstrate involvement with Hispanic people, scholastic achievement, poise, communication skills and talent.

HASA members participated in the 2007 Homecoming activities including a dance for the pep rally. HASA also participated in the chalking, banner and window painting competition.

Our members are also active in other university organizations while maintaining their focus on academics.

HASA hosts bi-monthly meetings where students can discuss community and campus events. HASA participates in community outreach programs in addition to university sponsored events.

Miss Hispanic OU 2007

HASA General Meetings

Members of Omega Delta Phi

Homecoming 07