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Missions & Goals

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Missions & Goals

The University of Oklahoma Mission Statement



The mission of the University of Oklahoma is to provide the best possible educational experience for our students through excellence in teaching, research and creative activity, and service to the state and society.

The Division of Student Affairs Mission Statement


The mission of Student Affairs is to enhance students’ academic success by developing student skills, cultivating diverse, campus life experiences and enriching the university community through programs and services.


  1. Assist students in realizing their goals – academic, personal, and professional.
  2. Provide diverse cultural experiences to the University community.
  3. Offer programs designed to enhance the academic experience.
  4. Provide leadership development opportunities.
  5. Create a safe, healthy environment in which students may live, study, socialize and work.


Programs and events under the Division are designed and presented with purpose. Assessment is critical in maintaining the direction of activities and their correlation to our mission and goals. 

The purpose of all Student Affairs assessment activities at the University of Oklahoma is to carefully examine the services and programs as they relate directly or indirectly to student learning and success.