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Conduct Process

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Conduct Process

What To Expect

  1. Student Conduct may initiate the conduct process on the basis of information received from any source, including but not limited to an individual, a University official, or a law enforcement agency.

  3. A Conduct officer reviews the information and determines whether the allegations fall within the jurisdiction of the Code.

  5. The Conduct Officer initiates conduct proceedings by sending a Student Conduct Notice to the student’s official University email account.  Notice to the student of pending charges will be considered furnished once a Student Conduct Notice is delivered to the student’s University email account.

  7. The charged student has five (5) class days from the date on the Student Conduct Notice to schedule their mandatory meeting.  Meetings may be scheduled by calling the Student Conduct office at (405) 325-1540.  Failure to respond to the Notice will result in a hold on the student’s enrollment and a default decision may be imposed.  By failing to respond the student will have waived any right to further due process.

  9. The charged student will have the opportunity to respond to the allegations and have any questions regarding the process answered.

  11. The Conduct Officer will review all information during the mandatory meeting and determine whether the student’s behavior constitutes a violation of the Code.  If the student has pending criminal charges, the case may be held in abeyance pending the outcome of court proceedings, with the execption of conduct that causes immediate concern for the safety and/or well-being of those in the University community.  If a violation is supported, sanctions will be imposed in accordance with Section VII of the Student Rights and Responsibilities Code.

  13. If a student disagrees that a violation of the Code exists, the student may request a hearing in writing within two (2) days of the mandatory meeting.


Detailed information regarding The Student Rights and Responsibilities Code and The Student Rights and Responsibilities Procedures is available under the Policies tab.