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About Us

The SLS program provides limited-scope legal services to University of Oklahoma students. The services offered include advice, consultations, and education on a variety of legal issues, as well as forms - where appropriate - that can enable students to provide themselves with some measure of self-help. Notary services are also available on-site.

  • Due to the limited nature of the progam, the SLS attorney cannot represent students in court; however, the office does provide referrals to local attorneys who have indicated a desire to assist OU students referred through the SLS program. The SLS office works with Legal Aid, the OU Legal Clinic, and other low-cost legal service programs to assist qualified students in obtaining these services.
  • In addition to our consultation and representation services, SLS is available to give presentations to student organizations on topics of law that impact university students. To request a specfic presentation for your organization, please email or call the SLS office.
  • Students who receive services from the SLS attorney are entitled to the same benefits that all lawyers provide their clients, specifically confidentiality and privilege. The attorney will not discuss your case with anyone without your permission - including your family members, your friends, the media, the police, and university officials - except in a few specific situations where such a disclosure is authorized by Oklahoma Law.

Disclaimer: The SLS office reserves the right to modify the program as necessary, with or without notice. The SLS program is brought to you by the OU Student Government Association, under the supervision of Student Affairs. Information is current as of 01/01/2019.