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Academic Support

The Office of American Indian Programs & Services is dedicated to helping all Native and Indigenous identified students have the most successful college experience possible. For that reason, the Coordinator of American Indian Programs & Services serves as the liaison between students and numerous resources on and off campus. The Office of Student Life believes in an open-door policy. All students are welcome to visit and talk about any questions or concerns they may have, including academic support, with the American Indian Programs & Services advisor. All students are encouraged to visit Student Life anytime they have questions about how to enhance or maintain excellent academic performance. 

Leadership Development

One of the benefits students generally experience by being actively involved with the organizations and programs coordinated by Student Life and the Office of American Indian Programs & Services is leadership development. By getting to know all advisors in the Office of Student Life and becoming actively involved in leadership roles, or seeking out additional support with their academic journey, students will have the opportunity to become familiar with the latest tools and resources being utilized by the Student Life staff. Learning from the skills and experiences Student Life has to offer, students will be better equipped to continue their transition into their professional careers upon graduation.

Student Organization Advisement

The Coordinator of American Indian Programs & Services also serves as the advisor for the American Indian Student Association. Additionally, the advisor is available to provide additional support and guidance to any other Native and Indigenous based registered student organization on campus, should they need additional help or need guidance throughout the year.

Five Moons Student Lounge

The Five Moons Student Lounge was created when the University of Oklahoma identified the need for Native scholars to have an educationally empowering space where they feel respected and supported with physical, spiritual, and emotional understanding. This space is a vital step toward healing, orienting, and building the relationship with Native students at the University of Oklahoma.

The Five Moons Student Lounge Name was selected in recognition of the five Native Oklahoman Indigenous ballerinas who gained recognition in the 1940s and toured with the world's most prominent ballet companies. Their names are Yvonne Chouteau of the Shawnee Tribe, Rosella Hightower of the Choctaw Nation, Moscelyne Larkin of the Peoria Nation and the Eastern Shawnee Tribe, Maria Tallchief of the Osage Nation, and Marjorie Tallchief of the Osage Nation. Learn more about The Five Moons at .

The Five Moon Student Lounge is open daily to students. Student leaders in  any of OU's indigenous-interest student organizations can request after-hours card access by filling out the form below.

Request After-Hours Access to the Five Moons Lounge