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Asian American Programs and Services

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The Office of Student Life and Asian American Programs & Services (AAPS) at the University of Oklahoma is founded on the principles of campus & community involvement, mentorship, leadership development, cultural awareness & support, and exists to provide opportunities for students to grow and develop through active participation within their organizations available to them. Asian American Programs & Services is designed specifically to provide motivation, encouragement, guidance, and support to all Asian American and Pacific Islander students as they matriculate to graduation. Additionally the Office of Asian American Programs & Services provides a productive social environment that is open to individuals regardless of background and works to develop positive relationships which is supported through educational programs, guidance, and campus-wide collaboration. 

Kelly Phommachanh


Kelly Phommachanh serves as one of the graduate assistants to Multicultural Programs & Services. She serves specifically Asian American Programs & Services and Diversity & Inclusion Initiatives for all Multicultural Programs & Services communities.

Kelly is a graduate student in the Adult and Higher Education program, working towards her masters degree in Higher Education Administration. She is originally from Amarillo, Texas and received her Bachelor's degree in Integrative Studies (Concentrations: Sociology, Rehab Science, & Global Leadership) with a Minor in Counseling from the University of North Texas.

In her free time, you can find Kelly serving various Lao communities across the United States as one of the traditonal dance instructors for the Lao Heritage Foundation. Her passions lie in community bulding, cultural awareness, and healing work. 

To contact Kelly, please feel free to reach her via email at or call the Office of Student Life at (405) 325-3163.