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MCPS Graduation

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Multicultural Programs and Services Virtual Graduation

Congratulations to all of our 2020 graduates! Check out our virtual graduation video and list of new graduates below.

Doctoral Degree Recipients

Graduate NameDegreeMajor / Discipline / Program of Study
Lonnie Easter Jr. IIPhD: Doctor of PhilosophyMusic Education 
Alicia HarrisPhD: Doctor of PhilosophyNative American Art History
Chelsea HerrPhD: Doctor of PhilosophyNative American Art History
Luvia Estrella Morales RodriguezPhD: Doctor of PhilosophySpanish Literature
Aubrey Elizabeth PawelkaJD: Juris Doctor DegreeCertificate in Oil & Gas, Natural Resource, and Energy Law
Melody Redbird-PostPhD: Doctor of PhilosophyInstructional Leadership and Academic Curriculum; Concentration in Early Childhood Education
Brittany Moira Ingram RigginPhD: Doctor of PhilosophyCounseling Psychology

Master's Degree Recipients

Graduate NameDegreeMajor / Discipline / Program of Study
Sheva Leanne AfzaliMaster's DegreeLegal Studies and Healthcare Law
Stephanie AnchetaMaster's DegreeMasters of Legal Studies in Indigenous Peoples Law
Nicole Lynn Blodgett Master's DegreeSocial Work
Barry Paul Boydstun JrMaster's DegreeGallogly College of Engineering
McKenzie ClaphanMaster's DegreeSpecial Education 
Stephanie Marina CollierMaster's DegreeIndigenous Peoples Law
Jocelyn Aleida  De LeonMaster's DegreeHealthcare Law
Jesus Zacariaz DenizMaster's DegreeAdministrative Leadership
Charles EisenbergerMaster's DegreeIndigenous Peoples Law
Lynnetta J. EyachabbeMaster's DegreeBusiness Administration with a focus on Digital Technologies
Tiffany Elizabeth Sue GoadeMaster's DegreeHealth and Human Administration
Marna Jane Gonzalez-SchmenkMaster's DegreeMaster of Social Work
Gerald Edward Guillen Master's DegreeMaster of Legal Studies in Healthcare Law 
Julia Ayala HarrisMaster's DegreePublic Administration 
Tatiyonna HawkinsMaster's DegreeCriminal Justice
June KimaniMaster's DegreeHuman and Health Administration Services
Margaret Elizabeth LeeMaster's DegreeHealthcare
L'Tanja MahoneMaster's DegreeSocial Work
Robyn Denise MaloneMaster's DegreeSocial Work
Diana MartinezMaster's DegreeHuman Relations
Sharyse Rachel MonroeMaster's DegreeIndigenous Peoples Law
Cheryl L. NajeraMaster's DegreeIndigenous Peoples Law
Christelle NdayisabaMaster's DegreeConstruction Science
Daré T. ObasadeMaster's DegreeCEES Civil Engineering 
Gypsy Shannon PeteMaster's DegreeIndigenous Peoples Law
Hon. Anastasia A. PittmanMaster's DegreeUniversity of Oklahoma College of Law
Melissa Rosa PlataMaster's DegreeIndustrial and Systems Engineering
Sherwin Renee' Strickland PullenMaster's DegreeHuman Relations/Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Sarah RobertsMaster's DegreeMaster of Legal Studies in Indigenous Peoples Law
Charles Francis Sams IIIMaster's DegreeIndigenous Peoples Law
Malick SeckMaster's DegreeHuman Relations 
Natasha SeymourMaster's DegreeLibrary Information Science 
Lesa Brassfield ShawMaster's DegreeIndian Law/MLS
Jamie N SmithMaster's DegreeSocial Work
Angela SteeleMaster's DegreeSocial Work
Kenisha TawkoytyMaster's DegreeHealth and Human Services Administration 
Corby Preston ThompsonMaster's DegreeCounseling Psychology
Kelly PhommachanhMaster's DegreeAdult & Higher Education
Diana MartinezMaster's DegreeHuman Relations
Courtney PattersonMaster's DegreePublic Relations
Kriskumar SinghMaster's DegreeAdult & Higher Education
Lachelle KingMaster's DegreeHuman Relations
Jessica VannMaster's DegreeMaster of Arts Organizational Dynamics
Stacie Vunetich Master's DegreeSocial Work
Kiia WestMaster's DegreeHuman Relations, clinical mental health counseling 
Taylor Signe WicksMaster's DegreeAdult & Higher Education - Student Affairs
Maria del Carmen Oros ZamudioMaster's DegreeCollege of Arts and Sciences

Bachelor's Degree Recipients

Graduate NameDegreeMajor / Discipline / Program of Study
Abigail AcevedoBachelor's DegreeHuman Relations
Maria Guadalupe AcostaBachelor's DegreePsychology
Charles Asher Brigance AldrichBachelor's DegreeHealth Studies
Oscar N AnyaboluBachelor's DegreePsychology 
Skylar AshBachelor's DegreeNative American Studies; Minor in Human Relations
Tony Keith Baker Jr.Bachelor's DegreeManagement Information Systems 
Alejandra Beatriz Acuña BalbuenaBachelor's DegreeEnvironmental Sustainability and Italian
Connor BaumannBachelor's DegreeSports Management
Milton Ray Blackburn IIIBachelor's DegreeElectrical Engineering
Jalysse BrownBachelor's DegreeDual Major in Management Information Systems (MIS) and Accounting
Alecia Lucinda BuffingtonBachelor's DegreeArchitecture
Nathaniel Bullock Bachelor's DegreeManagement information Systems (MIS)
Mia BuntingBachelor's DegreeSociology
Taylor BurchBachelor's DegreeBiology, Pre-Medicine
Paries CannadyBachelor's DegreeMultidisciplinary Studies
Evangeline Tanaé CarsonBachelor's DegreePublic Relations
Jorge CarvalhoBachelor's DegreeChemical Engineering
Selena CastanedaBachelor's DegreeCriminal Justice
Gabriel CastilloBachelor's DegreeBroadcast Journalism
Willie ChaviraBachelor's DegreeAdvertising
Christopher CoronadoBachelor's DegreeBiology (Pre-Medicine) Minor in Spanish
Annie Louise Creech Bachelor's DegreePsychology 
Madison DeasonBachelor's DegreeBA/Journalism/Public Relations
Kimberley Ann DeJesusBachelor's DegreeAdministrative Leadership
Erin Caitlyn DibbleBachelor's DegreeChemical Engineering
Carli Iliana DominguezBachelor's DegreeCommunication; Minor in Spanish
Nicholas DuschelBachelor's DegreeEntrepreneurship and Venture Management
Connor Sagan-Riley EdwardsBachelor's DegreeHuman Relations 
Kaleigh EdwardsBachelor's DegreePsychology
Jennifer EscobarBachelor's DegreeChemical Biosciences Pre-Dentistry
Jema EsparzaBachelor's DegreeDual degree in Human Relations and Public & Nonprofit Administration, minor in International Studies
Rosalinda Espinosa Bachelor's DegreeIndustrial and Systems Engineering
Olivia FerrerBachelor's DegreePublic Relations
Mary Faith Cezanne FloresBachelor's DegreeBiochemistry, Women's and Gender Studies
Aurelius Miles Francisco Bachelor's DegreePolitical Science & African and African American Studies
German GallardoBachelor's DegreePsychology with a Minor in Sociology 
Vance Drew Galloway, IIBachelor's DegreeHuman Relations
Shelton GivingsBachelor's DegreeMarketing
Kamri GoffBachelor's DegreePublic Relations
Sarah Elizabeth GuevaraBachelor's DegreeJournalism
Abigail HallBachelor's DegreeJournalism
Arabena Christabell Adom HammondBachelor's Degree International Business and Management of Information Systems
Jericka HandieBachelor's DegreeJournalism
Rhea HanksBachelor's DegreeAerospace Engineering
Hunter HarrisBachelor's DegreeBiology 
Leslie Maria Ines HernandezBachelor's DegreeSociology 
Joseph HerreraBachelor's DegreeEconomics
Breanna M HerveyBachelor's DegreeBiology 
Bethany HightowerBachelor's DegreePsychology 
Jackie HowellBachelor's DegreeHuman Relations 
Camila A. Irarrazabal IncorvaiaBachelor's DegreeBusiness Management
Isha JhinganBachelor's DegreeChemical Biosciences
Isere KwamBachelor's DegreeIndustrial and Systems Engineering
JOHN AKING'A LIHASIBachelor's DegreeMechanical Engineering
Beatriz LoeraBachelor's DegreeAnthropology, Pre-Medicine
Brianda López Bachelor's DegreeOrganizational leadership and minor in diversity studies 
Rachel MakaureBachelor's DegreeChemical Engineering
Aurora Machelle Martinez RoseteBachelor's DegreeMarketing and International Business 
Julia McGillickBachelor's DegreeBiomedical Sciences
Duncan Merchan-BreuerBachelor's DegreeMechanical Engineering
Cristopher MoralesBachelor's DegreeManagement Information Systems
Yesenia MunozBachelor's DegreePsychology
Rumbidzai Tracey MureruBachelor's DegreeAccelerated Civil Engineering 
Grace MutiriBachelor's DegreeAdvertising 
Makayla NapierBachelor's DegreePsychology 
Julia NgoBachelor's DegreeEntrepreneurship and Venture Management/International Business
Marian NhangaBachelor's DegreeChemical Engineering
Chika NwanebuBachelor's DegreePsychology/Pre Med/College of Arts and Science 
Aminat Bolanle OdusoteBachelor's DegreeLinguistic and Spanish, International Studies minor
Robert Bob OkelloBachelor's DegreeBachelor of Science, Planned Prorgam Major (African Development Engineering).
Otto Daniel OrellanaBachelor's DegreeHealth and Exercise Science
Pooja ParikhBachelor's DegreeChemical Biosciences/ Pre-medicine
Margaret PisachubbeBachelor's Degree Early Childhood Education 
Ben Aichate PrenticeBachelor's DegreeInformation Science and Technology 
Javier RamirezBachelor's DegreeHuman Relations/Women's & Gender Studies
Carlos Rubio RegaladoBachelor's DegreeIndustrial and Systems Engineering
Melissa Elyana Wilson ReyesBachelor's DegreeComputer Science
Alexis RushBachelor's DegreeSocial Work
Sara SampsonBachelor's DegreeSociology
Nathan SchmenkBachelor's DegreeMechanical Engineering
Lisa ShutlerBachelor's DegreeBiology
Edward StewartBachelor's DegreeCommunication
Della StuckeyBachelor's DegreeBusiness Management / Pre Law
Cara SuttonBachelor's DegreeInterior Design - College of Architecture
Dora ValadezBachelor's DegreeMathematics
Hannah ValdezBachelor's DegreeHES Pre-PA
April Renee Vargas Bachelor's DegreeLiberal Studies
Madison Verge Bachelor's DegreeBiology
Tiffanie VoBachelor's DegreeHuman Relations & Sociology 
Mary VuBachelor's DegreeAccounting; Supply Chain Management
Philo Wayne Waters IVBachelor's DegreeBiology
Makayla WilliamsBachelor's DegreeSocial Sciences and Organizational Studies
Taylor WilsonBachelor's DegreeProfessional Writing