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Parent & Family Resources

The Fraternity and Sorority Programs and Services office understands that the Greek experience is often a family one. Parents, guardians, and loved ones provide the support to students in our fraternities and sororities and this page will provide resources and information to those that might have questions or hesitations about their student’s Greek membership at the University of Oklahoma. 

Tips for Families

Even if the Greek experience is a new one for your family or student, here are some tips to make the experince the best one possible: 

  • Be supportive of your student’s choice to join a fraternity or sorority – a student does not have to be a legacy to join and this could be a fun, new experience for the whole family. 
  • Take some time to learn about organizations your student is looking to join. Each chapter within our 5 Greek councils offers a unique membership experience to student.
  • Understand the financial responsibility that comes with the fraternity and sorority experience. Your student should be asking these types of questions when looking into membership – having a conversation about financial commitment early is always recommended.  
  • Encourage your student to get involved with their chapter. There is a plethora of opportunities for parents to get involved, too including alumni advisory boards, housing corporations, parent’s clubs, etc. 
  • Ask questions. The Office of Student Life is always happy to help any and all questions you or your student might have about the fraternity and sorority experience. You can find our contact information here

Frequently Asked Questions

We understand that the undergraduate Greek experience is often a new one for our students and their families. Even if your family or friends have been involved in fraternities or sororities in the past, you might still have questions or concerns. Use the tabs below to find answers to questions you might have. If you still have other questions, you can find helpful contact information here

Fraternity and sorority membership offers a unique college experience to students that decide to join one of our 5 Greek councils at the University of Oklahoma. The Greek experience is multifaceted and offers many opportunities to your student. Student can develop life-long friendships with member of their chapters and the rest of the Greek community, are offered academic resources and support, have increased educational opportunities and peer mentorship, and learn valuable, transferrable skills they will take with them for the rest of their lives.

Each of our fraternal organizations was founded on a set of principles, standards, values, and ethics that its members are taught to honor and live up to. For many of our students, these organizations become a home away from home and allow for growth, development, and new friendships to be fostered.

In addition, fraternal membership lasts long after the college years are over. Greek alumni members have national networks to utilize for securing jobs and advancing their careers. Alumni members also have various volunteerism opportunities available after graduation. Membership in a chapter is a life-long experience that students can enjoy. Joining now is an investment in your student’s future as they will reap the benefits now and into the future.    

While each chapter and each council differs in what is requires of its members, there are time commitments that every Greek student can expect. Chapters typically have a weekly membership meeting, meetings for new members, and meetings for the executive team. Additionally, chapters hold special events throughout the semester such as philanthropies, events focused on community service, social events, recruitment and/or intake, and initiation that members normally attend. Check with each chapter about its specific individual member requirements.

Our chapters are all required to follow the University of Oklahoma co-curricular policy. This policy states that no registered student organization is allowed to host events between the hours of 12:00 AM and 8:00 AM, that a non-academic event should exceed a time commitment or 15 hours per week from participants, and that non-academic events should never take priority over academic, specifically in-class, responsibilities. You can read the full co-curricular involvement policy here. 

University of Oklahoma Co-Curicular Involvement Policy

The fraternity and sorority experience in an investment in your student’s future. The academic support, leadership skills, and friendships your student makes will benefit them long after their college career ends. All fees required by Greek organizations provide services that will positively impact your student. Dues directly support the chapter operations and national organizations as well.

We encourage students to ask questions about finances during the recruitment processes. Each chapter is responsible for determined dues, as well as one-time new member and initiation fees. Costs will vary by organization and by council. Additionally, costs will vary if the organization does or does not have a chapter facility. However, the cost of living in a chapter facility is comparable to living in the residence halls on campus. 

The University of Oklahoma believes in the education of our students in and outside of the classroom – the Greek experience is no different. Just as any student needs to learn about current issues facing the community, each new member of a fraternity or sorority at the University of Oklahoma is required to attend educational sessions over alcohol education, sexual assault prevention and awareness (active bystander training), and hazing prevention.

The fraternity and sorority community values the safety and security of its members and provides this educational programming to new members each semester. These sessions prepare, empower, and equip students to take ownership of their new member, Greek, and college experience. 

Our campus fraternities and sororities are governed by various national, local, and university entities. Chapter here at the University of Oklahoma operate under various policies and procedures that aim at keeping students safe, engaged, and happy with their Greek experience while in college. 

Two major issues the national community of fraternal organizations often face are hazing and alcohol. In order to combat these issues, the University of Oklahoma has instituted policies focusing on the well-being of students outlined below:

Anti-Hazing Policy

At the University of Oklahoma, hazing is strictly prohibited from fraternal organizations and any registered student organization. Hazing is defined as any intentional or unintentional action or situation – with or without consent- that endangers a student, creates risk of injury, mental or physical discomfort, harassment, embarrassment, and/or ridicule – whether on or off campus – for the purpose of initiation into, affiliation with, or as a condition for continued membership in any student organization or team. Hazing is not only in direct violation with student conduct policy, but also in violation with the Oklahoma Statutes in Section 1190 of Title 21.

We do not tolerate hazing here at the University of Oklahoma and encourage you to reach out if you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding this issue. You can reach our office at (405) 325-3163. You are also welcome to use the resources listed below:

University of Oklahoma Reporting

OU Reporting Hotline -  844-428-6531

Hazing Prevention

National Hazing Hotline – 888-NOT-HAZE

Visit Hazing Prevention Online Resources

Read Oklahoma Statute on Hazing

Alcohol Policy

The University of Oklahoma Student Alcohol Policy applies to all campus-affiliated student organizations and any student who is currently enrolled at the University of Oklahoma or are pre-enrolled for subsequent semesters. We are a dry campus and operate on a “three strikes” policy. All events with alcohol must be registered with university administration. You can read the full Student Alcohol Policy using the link below. 

View Student Alcohol Policy

The undergraduate executive board for each chapter oversees the daily operations of chapters here on campus. However, these undergraduate boards are overseen by volunteer alumni advisors that assist with chapter operations, policies, and procedures. Often, these alumni advisory boards are selected by the national organizations that govern our local chapters.

For chapters with housing facilities, these properties are overseen and managed by housing corporation Boards or national housing boards responsible for facility maintenance and upkeep of the structure. Chapter facilities are required to have a live-in director to assist the chapter members when needed. 

We are happy to be an institution that offers a fraternity and sorority experience to students regardless of their credit-hour standing. A large majority of our students join chapters their first semester in college, but some organizations do require a college GPA prior to obtaining membership. 

A new member period is a special time for students to bond with other new members and older members as well. In this time, they learn about the organization’s history and goals, and this time ends in initiation into the organization. While the term for new members differs from council to council, all new members, or pledges, are treated with dignity and respect in our organizations. 

Recruitment and intake are names for the process through which fraternities and sororities recruit new members. These processes differ from council to council and sometimes from chapter to chapter but all must be in compliance with organizational, intuitional, and state policies and procedures. 

If you have additional questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to us. We are happy to help. You can find Fraternity and Sorority Programs and Services staff contact information by clicking the link below. 

Contact our staff here

Additional Resources for Families

The University of Oklahoma is proud to offer a variety of resources to students and their families. If you have a question or need a resource that is not offered, do not hesitate to reach out and we can assist you.