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IFC Executive Council

The IFC Executive Committee is elected/appointed in November and serves a one-year term that follows the calendar year. They work to provide oversight and resources to the IFC community. Feel free to contact these men if you have questions related to their areas of responsibility.

ifc executive team in front of ivy wall

IFC President

travis waggoner headshot

Travis Waggoner

Hometown: Plano, TX

Major: Finance

Responsibilities: presides over all IFC meetings, sets strategic vision for the council, holds authority to create positions and assignments, serves as chairman of the IFC executive counci, presides over IFC Congress, acts as official representative for the council, and ensures the council is operating.

IFC Chief Justice

ryan barnett headshot

Ryan Barnett

Hometown: Tulsa, OK

Major: Economics, International Studies

Responsibilies: serves as the chairman of the Interfraternity Council Judicial Board, intreprets the IFC Constitution, Recruitment policies, and any other IFC policies, oversees Associate Justices, leads any judicial proceedings for the council, and maintains all confidential judicial records for the council.

VP Recruitment

luke robeson headshot

Luke Robeson

Hometown: Norman, OK

Major: Construction Science

Responsibilites: chairs the Recruitment Chairman committee, provides information concerning recruitment to all IFC member fraternities and their teams, aids in organizing IFC formal and informal recruitment processes, evaluates recruitment before and after to maintain efficiency.

VP Finance

kale gilbert headshot

Kale Gilbert


Hometown: Ponca City, OK

Major: Accounting, Finance

Responsibilities: keeps funds of the IFC properly deposited and keeps an accredited set of records on all transactions, assigns and collects all fines, assessments, and charges in the IFC accounts, acts as a prosector in all IFC Judicial Board hearings concerning fines.

VP Member Education

maxwell suarez headshot

Maxwell Suarez

Hometown: Bentonville, AR

Degree: International Business and Finance

Responsibilities: assists pledge educators in the performace of education programs, provides hazing education for the council, faciliates interaction between pledge/associate classes of fraternities, promotes academic achievement, and meets with academic officers of chapters below a 2.75 GPA.

VP Programming

brooks friedman headshot

Brooks Friedman


Hometown: The Woodlands, TX

Major: Management Information Systems

Responsibilities: creates and implements all new programs of the Interfraternity Council, assists all member organizations with any programming needs or concerns, and is the IFC Executive Council member responsible for all programs run by the Interfraternity Council.

VP Public Affairs

kian wilcox headshot

Kian Wilcox

Hometown: Frisco, TX

Degree: Public Relations

Responsibilities: coordinates the public relations efforts of the council, maintains contact with local news services to ensure appropriate coverage of the IFC, designs publications and marketing materials for the council, and is responsible for upkeep of the IFC website and social media accounts.

VP Administrative Affairs

caleb meierhofer headshot

Caleb Meierhofer

Hometown: Colleyville, TX

Degree: Marketing

Responsibilities: records official minutes at all IFC Congress meetings and Executive Council meetings, takes roll at meetings, publishes and distributes meeting minutes, responsible for all records of the IFC, and oversees the IFC election process along with the IFC President.

VP Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

andrew lupu headshot

Andrew Lupu

Hometown: Bucharest, Romania

Degree: Creative Media Production

Responsibilities: responsible for coordinating council diversity, equity, and inclusion prgoramming and education, provides support to member chapters to provide diversity, inclusion, anti-hazing programming and education in their chapters, and builds and maintain relationships with faculty, academic offices, departments, and/or student organizations that support diversity and inclusion.