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Interfraternity Council Recruitment

The Interfraternity Council organizes a formal recruitment week each fall and spring semester. This process occurs the first week of each fall and spring semester. The vast majority of our members join through our formal recruitment process.

Chapters may also recruit members throughout the calendar year through a process known as "informal recruitment." If you are interested in participating in informal recruitment, please visit our Informal Recruitment page.

Fall 2021 Formal Recruitment

Registration for formal recruitment is now open!

Interfraternity Council Fall 2021 Recruitment will take place August 17th through August 22nd. More information regarding details will be released in the coming weeks. For questions, email

We are excited that you are interested in joining the IFC community at the University of Oklahoma. Give us a follow on TwitterInstagram, and Facebook for the latest information about recruitment or IFC in general. 

Click here to register for recruitment!

Fall 2021 Formal Recruitment Schedule
August 10 - 12Multiple Times
Residence Hall Move In
August 13 - 16Multiple Times
Camp Crimson
August 177:00 PMIFC Recruitment Orientation
August 181:00 PM - 6:00 PMIFC Recruitment Round 1
August 191:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Round 1 (cont.)
August 201:00 PM - 5:00 PMRound 2
August 211:00 PM - 4:00 PMRound 3
August 221:00 PM - 3:00 PMBid Day

Times, dates, and format are all subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some frequently asked questions about Interfraternity Council Recruitment at the University of Oklahoma. Should you have any other questions, feel free to reach out - we are happy to assist. 

Approximately 900 recruits participate in Fall Recruitment, and 150 take part in Spring Recruitment. Over 2,200 members call the IFC community at the University of Oklahoma home.

There is no dress code for our recruitment activities, so feel free to wear whatever is comfortable to you. Most recruits choose to wear jeans or khaki pants/shorts and a button up shirt or polo style shirt.  Most importantly - be yourself!

No. This is a common practice for Panhellenic sororities but is not part of the fraternity recruitment process.

This process is very informal and is largely at the discretion of the individual chapters.  On Round 3 of Fall Recruitment, chapters can extend bids to recruits. A bid is an invitation to join a chapter. You may receive bids from multiple chapters, you must choose which bid you would like to accept and communicate your decision with that chapter. Many chapters will ask you to sign their list of new members, sign a chapter “bid card”, or simply give you a t-shirt to signify your new affiliation. It is important to note that your membership in that fraternity is not official until you sign the IFC Bid Acceptance Form during the bid signing round of Recruitment.

Recruits have no obligation to join. If you participate in the Recruitment but decide fraternity life is not right for you, you may discontinue your participation in the Recruitment Week activities at any point. If you have joined a fraternity (i.e. signed the IFC Bid Acceptance Form) you may resign (also called “depledge”) at any time.  If you depledge before you become an initiated member, you may join another fraternity the following semester or later. However, if you choose to discontinue your membership after being initiated, you are not eligible to join another IFC fraternity.

Each chapter sets its own member dues, housing costs, and payment schedules. First year costs tend to be higher due to one-time expenses and fees. While the numbers below are provide the range of costs, we suggest recruits ask about expenses to get exact cost information from chapters before joining. 

New Member Dues: $1,120 - $3,600 

Member Dues (out-of-house): $800 - $3,200

Member Dues (in-house): $4,000 - $10,950

All incoming freshmen will receive the Fraternity and Sorority Programs and Services Experience Guide when they enroll in the summer. On the IFC pages of that manual, you will find contact information and information about each fraternity. You can access the contact information for each chapter here.

During the summer many chapters host events (both formal and informal) in order to get to know recruits who will participate in Fall Recruitment. Because there is relatively little time to build relationships during the Recruitment, summer activities can provide an important opportunity to connect with members beforehand. Activities may include cookouts at the home of a chapter alumnus, sporting events, going out to eat, etc. It is important for all recruits and parents to know that ALL recruitment interactions must be alcohol-free. Additionally, events utilizing bodies of water (float trips, events at lakes, pool parties, etc.) are prohibited. If you are aware of any violation of this policy, please inform the IFC advisor immediately by phone at 405-325-3163.

Yes! Many chapters participate in “informal recruitment”, which means they continue to recruit new members after Recruitment.  If you would like help connecting with these chapters, please contact the IFC Vice President of Recruitment or the IFC advisor. There will be an “informal recruitment” online form available on the website homepage two weeks following formal recruitment. You can fill out this form to share your information with fraternities participating in informal recruitment.

Round 1 of fromal recruitment is the most structured of all the rounds. During Round 1, the recruits are split into groups and are led by current IFC members to each chapter. The recruits will spend approximately 20 minutes at each chapter during Round 1. Recruits will see one half of our chapters during Round 1 (Day 1) and they will see the other half of our chapters during Round 1 (Day 2). 

Rounds 2 and 3 are the invitation rounds. Chapters will invite recruits back to their chapter and recruits will have a set amount of time in which they are welcome to visit any chapter they wish. 

IFC Recruitment Webinar