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MGC Executive Council

The Multicultural Greek Council Executive Committee is elected/appointed in November and serves a one-year term that follows the calendar year. They work together for the betterment of our MGC chapters by planning events, educational opportunities, and furthuring the MGC mission. 

Enrique Meza-Soto


Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK


Responsibilities: responsible for overall operation of MGC, presides at all MGC meetings, approves all MGC checks, serves as ex-officio member of all MGC committees, oversees council elections and appointments.

Rena Zhang

Vice President of Internal Affairs



Responsibilities: assists MGC President and performs duties of the president in his or her absence, serves as chairman of Programming Committee, and responsible for organizing MGC projects and programs.

Julianne Carrizosa

Vice President of External Affairs



Responsibilities: serves as MGC liaison to all campus and community organizations, handles all publicity for the council, works with member organizations to promote events, serves as the MGC website coordinator.

Jia Watson-Fisher

Vice President of Administrative Affairs



Responsibilities: keeps official records for all MGC meetings, prepares and distributes meeting minutes in a timely manner, prepares agendas for council meetings, serves on MGC recruitment team, and performs all other duties necessary.

Alexandra Hands

Vice President of Finance



Responsibilities: responsible for general supervision of MGC finances, prepares and submits MGC budget each year, responsible for submitting SGA funding requests, updates council on financial status at all council meetings, works to maintain the council stays in good financial standing.

Kate Pham

Vice President of Recruitment

Hometown: Tulsa, OK

Degree: Cognitive Psychology, Biology Minor (Pre-PA)

Responsibilities: responsible for working with MGC Advisor to organize and conduct MGC Recruitment, serves as chairman of Recruitment Committee, assists in organizing informal recruitment events, and prepares recruitment publicity materials for the council. 

Nhu Ngo

Vice President of Judicial Affairs

Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

Degree: Microbiology, Psychology Minor (Pre-Pharm)

Responsibilities: serves as chairman of MGC Judicial Board, supervises appointment and training of Judicial Board members, maintains all council judicial records, serves as the Risk Reduction Officer for MGC, and oversees judicial proceedings and processes for the council.

Braden Mowdy

Vice President of Inclusion and Advocacy