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National Pan-Hellenic Council Intake Process

Organizations within The National Pan-Hellenic Council, use variations of a process known as membership intake, to gain new members. Each organization will decide when it will host an intake process based on their national headquaters guidelines. These processes are discrete. Typically, flyers or social media announcements will be posted in advance. 

The Fraternity and Sorority Programs and Services team encouages you to follow our individual NPHC chapters on social media to stay updated on upcoming recruitment events. You can find specific chapter contact information here

NPHC Recruitment Frequently Asked Questions

You can find a variety of answers to commonly asked quesitons regarding NPHC Intake below. For additional information feel free to reach out to the Fraternity & Sorority Student Life team here or the NPHC Executive Council here

FSPS Requirements:  Aspirants a university hazing workshop prior to beginning any membership intake activities.

Council Requirements: Attend Greekdom 101 or Greekdom 2.0 during the year you are planning to apply for membership.

Organization Requirements: All organizations have different, specific requirements for their aspirants. These could include, but are not limited to:

  • GPA above 2.75
  • Letter(s) of recommendation
  • Proof of recent community service hours
  • Attendance at an informational/interest meeting

Please be sure to visit the organization's national website for specifics. 


  • We suggest getting to know the organization as a whole, looking at it on a national level and the values it holds dear.
  • Grade the chapter based on the information you have found.
  • Allow your work ethic, resume, and campus involvement to speak for itself.
  • Introduce yourself at a chapter program. Your continued participation and active involvement will speak for itsself. 

Do not:

  • Remember, our council is small. Whether you are interested in a particular organization over another, please do not bad mouth any of the groups.
  • This experience is about you. It may be tempting to share how many people you know that are members of the organization, but it doesn't help you in the long run. 
  • Do not announce to anyone, your intentions. Remember discretion is key, so let others guess. 

Greekdom 101 (Fall) and 2.0 (Spring) is a mandatory program for anyone considering joining and NPHC organization. Our chapters will be in their organization's version of business attire. That does not mean you have to come in your Sunday best.

Wear whatever makes you feel the most comfortable, while also knowing there will be breakout sessions for you to get face time with each organization. 

While NPHC organizations are historically Black, we are not exclusively Black. Each organization has members of varying race and ethnicities across their international chapters. 

It honestly depends. The average range to join an NPHC organization is anywhere from $1,000 to $3,000 for one-time initiation fees. After that, there will be semesterly or yearly dues required by headquaters in order to remain active. These dues range from $75-$500 depending on the organization. You will be given definitive pricing should an invitation for membership be extended.

 Dues Cover:

  • Most chapter programs and events 
  • Regional and National expenses
  • Other operating costs as outlined by the organization

Please note, there are no payment plan options for the initiation fees.