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Alpha Phi

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Alpha Phi

"Union Hand in Hand"

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Chapter Information

The Phi chapter of Alpha Phi was chartered at the University of Oklahoma in 1917 and then reestablished on campus in 2006. Nationally, Phi chapter has been recognized for their outstanding facility management and outstanding new member experience. The chapter supports The Alpha Phi Foundation and the American Heart Association through their annual Breakfast with the Phi's event as well as Heart Health Week. 

Chapter Nickname

A Phi 

National Founding

October 10, 1872 | Syracuse University 

Founding Values

Sisterhood that lasts a lifetime, the common bond of innovation, generosity is hand to hand, high expectations for character


Ivy Leaf 


Silver and Bordeaux 


The Alpha Phi Foundation  


Connect with Alpha Phi

Local Website

National Website

Mailing Address

1401 College Avenue Norman, OK 73072