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Panhellenic Executive Council

The Panhellenic Executive Committee is elected/appointed in November and serves a one-year term that follows the calendar year. They work together for the betterment of our Panhellenic chapters by planning events, educational opportunities, and furthuring the Panhellenic mission. 

panhellenic 2020 executive team members

Maren Schultz

maren schultz headshot

Panhellenic President


Hometown: Sioux Falls, SD

Degree: Accounting

Responsibilities: presides at all Panhellenic meetings, builds strategic vision for the council, serves as an ex-officio member of all Panhellenic committees, leads executive committee and serves as liaison between NPC chapters and the university community.

Sydney Smith

sydney smith headshot

Vice President Judicial Affairs


Hometown: Houston, TX

Degree: Psychology

Responsibilites: serves as the chairman and supervises appointment, orientation, and training of the Judicial Board, maintains all judicial records, serves as the Standards Roundtable Chairman, serves as the council risk reduction officer.

Amy Harris

amy harris headshot

Vice President of Admin Affairs


Hometown: Oklahoma City, OK

Degree: Public Relations

Responsibilies: prepares agendas for council meetings, and reports minutes to the National Panhellenic Conference, serves as Scholarship Roundtable Chairman, manages Panhellenic Delegates, and oversees Peer Tutor Study Program.

Whitleigh Simmons

whitleigh simmons headshot

Vice President of Finance 

Email: whitleigh.l.simmons

Hometown: N. Richland Hills, TX

Degree: Sports Management

Responsibilites: supervises finances of the Panhellenic Association, prepares and maintains council budget, receives payments due to the council, gives financial reports, serves as the Finance Rountable Chairman, and manages fundraising for council initiatives.

Shelby Boyer

shelby boyer headshot

VP of Inclusivity


Hometown: Springfield, MO

Degree: Int. & Area Studies

Responsibilities: coordinates diveristy and inclusion efforts for Panhellenic, serves as the Inclusivity Committee chair, organizes social justice programming, and serves as a liaison to organizations focused on marginalized identities on campus. 

Heather Balliew

heather balliew headshot

VP of Recruitment Operations


Hometown: Mustang, OK

Degree: Health/Exercise Science

Responsibilites: coordinates logistics of Fall Formal Recruitment, manages recruitment budget, works with chapter recruitment teams, supervises Operations Assistant, conducts post-recruitment evaluations, assists with informal recruitment.

Riley Burr

riley burr headshot

VP of Recruitment Programming


Hometown: Hinsdale, IL

Degree: Language Arts Education

Responsibilities: coordinates selection and training of Recruitment Guides, oversees Recruitment Guide training, conducts post-recruitment evaluations, supervises Lead Rho Gamma, assists in coordination of informal recruitment.

Mackenzie Tullier

mackenzie tullier headshot

Vice President of Programming

Email: mackenzie.l.tullier

Hometown: Plano, TX

Degree: Int. Security Studies

Responsibilites: organizes projects and programs for the Panhellenic community throughout the year, serves as the New Member Educators Roundtable Chairman, and serves as the Chairman for the Programming Committee. 

Morgan Rowe

morgan rowe headshot

VP of Philanthropy


Hometown: Tulsa, OK

Degree: Biology/Pre-Med

Responsibilites: serves as liaison to all campus and community organizations, serves as Community Service Committee Chairman and the Philanthropy Roundtable Chairman, works directly with the council philanthropy, Among Friends.

Delaney Mack

delaney mack headshot

Vice President of Public Affairs


Hometown: Owasso, OK

Degree: Anthropology

Responsibilites: handles all aspects of public relations for the Panhellenic Association, works with Panhellenic constituents to promote projects of the council, supervises website and social media accounts, serves as Public Relations Roundtable Chairman.

Panhellenic Delegates

Panhellenic Delegates are the link between individual chapters and the Panhellenic Association. By attending bi-weekly meetings, serving on committees, and serving as the official voting delegate of thier chapter, these women help direct their organizations in moving forward as a Panhellenic community. These women foster the Panhellenic spirit in their activities in and outside of their chapters.

Panhellenic Committees

We encourage our members to give back to the Panhellenic community in various ways. One of those ways is by serving on one of our two Panhellenic committees - the Judicial Board and the Community Relations Committee.

Judicial Board

The purpose of the Panhellenic Judicial Board is to promote self-governance, accountability, education and due process with the Panhellenic Association. The Panhellenic Judicial Board is composed of six members: the Vice President of Judicial Affairs and five additional members who are responsible for upholding the constitution, bylaws and recruitment rules of the OU Panhellenic Association.

Community Relations Committee

Philanthropy Committee

The Panhellenic Philanthropy committee is composed of six members: the Vice President of Community Relations, a committee vice chair and four additional members who join together in order to promote the Panhellenic-wide philanthropy, Among Friends. The committee plans a fall philanthropy project and encourages members to volunteer with Among Friends. 

Inclusivity Committee

The Panhellenic Inclusivity committee is composed of 11 members: the Vice President of Inclusivity, and a representative from each chapter who join together in order to further diversity and inclusion initiatives wtihin the Panhellenic Association. The committee is responsible for all matters pertraining to the promotion of social justice and inclusivity in our community.


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