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Panhellenic Recruitment

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Panhellenic Association Formal Recruitment

Formal recruitment is the main process the National Panhellenic Conference sororities at the University of Oklahoma use to recruit new members. Formal recruitment is typically conducted before the start of fall semester and lasts 5 days. 

It is important to recognize that formal recruitment is a mutual selection process. All students will visit every sorority during the first round (Open House), but the remaining rounds are by invitation only. Just as the sororities are narrowing down the number of women attending each round of events, potential members may only accept a certain number of invitations to each round. The Panhellenic Adviser and Recruitment Guides (Rho Gammas) will explain the process in detail throughout the week. Each potential member will be assigned Recruitment Guides who will be available during the entire process to answer questions, provide support, and give valuable insight.

Participation in formal recruitment does not guarantee an invitation to join a sorority, nor does it obligate a student to join. However, approximately 80 - 85% of the students participating in formal recruitment each year join a sorority at the end of the week! 

The Panhellenic Association at the University of Oklahoma also participates in an informal recruitment process. You can read more about Informal Recruitment, or Continuous Open Bidding (COB) here

COVID-19 and Panhellenic Recruitment

OU Panhellenic is closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic. Our team is fully committed to the safety and wellbeing of all our members, potential new members, and all other constituent groups. In line with the university and city of Norman's COVID protcols, our formal recruitment process will be fully in-person! 

Below you can find our outline for Formal Recruitment 2022: 

  • Round 1 (Open House Round) - TBD
  • Round 2 (Philanthropy Round) - TBD
  • Round 3 (Sisterhood Round) - TBD
  • Round 4 (Preference Round) - TBD
  • Bid Day - TBD

For any students needing virutal options for recrutiment, our community is happy to accommodate. Just reach out to to discuss safety plans and virtual accommodations for any part of our formal recruitment process. 

Masking Information for Formal Recruitment
The eleven Panhellenic chapters have collectively decided to require masking for all chapter members, potential new members, and guests within their chapter facilities for the duration of Formal Recruitment. Masks will be available should individuals not have their own.

As private facilities, the chapters have independently implemented policies based on direction from their national governing bodies for what is best for their chapter, members, and guests. Chapters made this decision with the hope of maintaining a safe, in-person recruitment experience.

We are looking forward to safely welcoming students into our community during this year’s Formal Recruitment process. 

Formal Recruitment 2022

We are excited that you are interested in joining the Panhellenic community at the University of Oklahoma. The information below should be helpful in preparing you for the 2022 Panhellenic Formal Recruitment process. For questions about Formal Recruitment 2021, feel free to email or give us a call at (405) 325-3125.

Give us a follow on Instagram for the latest information about recruitment or other Panhellenic happenings. Be sure to join our Facebook groups to stay on top of everything you will need to know for Formal Recruitment 2022. 

2022 Formal Recruitment Registration

Formal Recruitment registration will open on May 16th, 2022.

To participate in formal recruitment, you must be a full-time, undergraduate woman enrolled at the University of Oklahoma and registered with the University of Oklahoma Panhellenic Association.  The fee to participate in recruitment is $100.  You must pay the registration fee in order to be registered with OU Panhellenic. Please note this fee covers all operating costs of Panhellenic Formal Recruitment. 

Make sure to have a high quality picture to upload when you register to include with your application. Please be very detailed with the information you place in the activity boxes as this will be considered your resume. This information will be relayed to all 11 of our chapters.

2021 Recruitment Look Book

Check out our 2021 Recruitment Lookbook for tips, outfit suggestions, and more. This publication is downloadable for your convenience. *Please note we no longer print this publication in an effort to lower registration costs.

Panhellenic Formal Recruitment Tentative 2022 Schedule

Please note dates and times are subject to change.

Formal Recruitment 2022 Schedule
May 16Formal Recruitment registration opens
TBDLast day for a registration refund minus $15 service charge

OU Residence Hall Move In 

Greek Life Parent & Family Information Sessions

OU Parent & Family Programs Family Farewell


Greek Life Parent & Family Information Session Virtual Option 

TBDCamp Crimson
TBDFormal Recruitment registration closes at 5:00 PM 

First meeting with Panhellenic small groups - 9:30 PM

Students living off campus will meet in the Jim Thorpe Multicultural Center

TBDRound I (Open House Round) - 11 parties
TBDRound II (Philanthropy Round) - 8 parties max 
TBDRound III  (Sisterhood Round) - 5 parties max 
TBDRound IV (Preference Round) - 2 parties max

Panhellenic Bid Day
Bids distributed at 4:00 PM in residence halls, all guests should remain in residence halls lobbies or outdoors. 

Students living off campus should report to Jim Thorpe Multicultural Center at 3:45 PM for bid distribution. 

TBDFall 2022 term begins

*dates and times subject to change

2022 Recruitment Meals

Students living in the residence halls or on campus for the 2022-2023 term will have activated meals plans to use during formal recruitment. For those living off campus, your registration fee covers lunch on both days of round 1 (TBD).

Panhellenic Recruitment Check In

In order to participate in Panhellenic Recruitment, you’ll need to come check in with us at the Jim Thorpe Multicultural Center, located just south of the residence halls. We’ll have a tent on the north side of the building for you to come check in and receive your name tag! Your Recruitment Guide will bring your first round t-shirts to your first small group meeting. Check in times are below: 

  • TBD 

Be sure to bring your signed copy of your PNM Participation Agreement (linked below) and ensure that you have completed your online pre-check in form.

Primary sorority recruitment at the University of Oklahoma is only conducted in the fall semester, prior to the start of school. 2021 Recruitment week begins August 17, 2021, and concludes with Bid Day on Sunday, August 22, 2021. It is important to note that the OU Panhellenic does not host a formalized spring recruitment. If you are unable to participate in fall primary recruitment, but are interested in joining a sorority, you may participate in Continuous Open Bidding (COB).

COB begins immediately following the end of the formal recruitment process, on Bid Day. COB is also sometimes held in the spring semester; however, not all sororities are eligible to participate in COB. In order to host COB events, a chapter must be under Campus Total (I.e. Median Chapter Size).  Women interested in COB, can complete a COB interest form hosted on our website here. Once we receive your COB interest form, it will be shared with those sororities under campus total that have elected to participate in COB. 

All sorority women including collegians, alumnae, College Panhellenics, Alumnae Panhellenics, inter/national organizations and the National Panhellenic Conference should actively promote the OVERALL sorority experience and membership opportunities in organizations. This should be done through all forms of communication (e.g., print, digital, in-person) in the spirit of Panhellenic unity and desire to reach out to all women to share the opportunity for sorority membership. College and Alumnae Panhellenic rules should not infringe on the rights of individuals, chapters and/or organizations in the content or forms of communication to promote the sorority experience.

The intention of this guideline was to inform and allow PNMs to be encouraged to participate in Formal Recruitment across all campuses. Additionally, chapters are allowed to ONLY contact women to promote the overall Panhellenic experience before registration. If you have been contacted by a chapter(s), please know that the intention of this communication should be to promote the entire Panhellenic experience, not just one chapter. Whether or not you have been contacted by a chapter member, this communication should not affect your Recruitment experience. We hope that you will have an open mind and a positive attitude going forward into this Recruitment season. 

On February 20, 2019 the University of Oklahoma Panhellenic Association voted to adopt a resolution regarding financial transparency during Panhellenic recruitment processes. In a spirit of transparency and accountability, this information will be provided to potential new members and other Panhellenic constituents before, during, and after the University of Oklahoma Formal Recruitment process.

Click the link below to download and view the 2021 - 2022 Panhellenic Financial Transparency Report, outlining all required costs of Panhellenic membership. 

It is important to be as informed as possible regarding the costs associated with obtaining a college education. Understanding the financial obligations associated with sorority membership is just as important.

Each student joining a sorority should be aware of the dues, fees and other expenses that are involved and should consider these when making financial plans to attend college. During Formal Recruitment, a potential member should ask sorority members about financial obligations and payment options. Each sorority sets its own fees and housing costs as well as payment schedules.

Chapters report yearly member fees and expenses. The financial breakdown for Panhellenic membership at the University of Oklahoma for the 2021 - 2022 academic year is below.

 New Member YearMember In HouseMember Out of House
Average $3,700.17$10,024.10$3,001.94
Range$2,446.00 - $4,517.00$7,586.00 - $11,655.25$2,116.00 - $3,551.70

Yes! The Panhellenic team has been working closely with our friends in the Camp Crimson program. Students will be able to fully participate in both programs. There will not be any overlap for mandatory events for either program. We encourage all students to fully participate in Camp Crimson to build community here at OU. 

Just like there is a governing body at the collegiate level for Panhellenic chapters, there are local Alumnae Panhellenic organizations around the country. Many of these local organizations have early deadlines to assist potential new members with obtaining letters of recommendation. Please note that you do NOT need to register with these groups in order to participate in Formal Recruitment at OU. 

The ONLY paperwork requirement needed to participate in Formal Recruitment at OU is completing our campus registration form which will open on May 15, 2021 and close on August 1, 2021. 

Alumnae Panhellenic registration forms, recommendation letters, or letters of support are not requirements of the College Panhellenic recruitment process.

The Panhellenic Association does not require a specific grade point average to participate in formal recruitment.  However, each sorority has a minimum grade requirement to be considered for membership and initiation.  The average grade point for a freshmen to join is around a 3.2. and the average grade requirement for an upper-class student is around a 3.0. These grades are pulled from university records. 

Entering freshmen can expect to be scored on the grades that they were admitted to the university with. Upperclassman can expect to be scored on their overall GPA from the Spring 2021 semester. 

Should your academic records ever be updated with the university records office from what you were admitted with, please notify Panhellenic as well so we can make those changes in our records. You can simply email Panhellenic ( with your name, student ID number, and a brief message telling us that your academic records have changed with the university. 

*Please note, when you submit your final transcript to the University of Oklahoma, Panhellenic will not be notified of changes unless you reach out to our team. Should you wish to update your GPA, you must first submit your updated or final transcript to the Office of Admissions and Records in an official, sealed document and then notify Panhellenic of this change. We will work with Admissions and Records to update your GPA.

Some chapters look for a four year commitment; however most of our groups do consider upperclassman in their process. Fewer upperclassmen go through and fewer join chapters. We cannot predict any one person’s recruitment experience.  The best advice is to go through the process with an open mind.  

A legacy can be defined differently by each chapter, but most commonly, a legacy is defined as a potential new member who is the sister, daughter, or granddaughter of an alumnae sorority member. Legacy policies for each organization on our campus can be found here

If you are legacy you are not guaranteed a bid to your legacy's chapter.  It does not hurt or help to be a legacy; it just notifies our chapters that you have a family member that was a part of that specific organization.  Each chapter looks at the individual going through and will make their decision on what is best for their group at that time.  We would encourage you to go through the process with an open mind. 

Should you have questions about letters of recommendation, check out our web page covering this topic!  You can find the link below. 

Learn more about Panhellenic letters of recommendation

It is important to recognize that formal recruitment is a mutual selection process. All students will visit every chapter during the first round (Open House), but the remaining rounds are by invitation only. Just as the chapters are narrowing down the number of women attending each round of events, potential members may only accept a certain number of invitations to each round. If a potential new member maximizes their options on preference round, a bid is guaranteed from one of the chapters.

The registration fee is refundable, however there is a $15 service charge. Refunds must be made by August 1st and sent into the Panhellenic office via email. You can email us at

The Panhellenic Association will verify grade and test information from a potential new member based off of what she was admitted to the University of Oklahoma with (often 7 semesters of a high school GPA). If a potential new member's academic records are updated with the university, please email Panhellenic ( with your name, student ID number, and a brief message explaining that your academic records with Panhellenic need to be updated.

*Please note, when you submit your final transcript to the University of Oklahoma, Panhellenic will not be notified of changes unless you reach out to our team. Should you wish to update your GPA, you must first submit your updated or final transcript to the Office of Admissions and Records in an official, sealed document and then notify Panhellenic of this change. We will work with Admissions and Records to update your GPA.

Not this year! Our Formal Recrutiment process is occuring later than previous years - after move in for our campus residents. You will not be required to live in the residence halls for recruitment but are expected to be on campus for all in-person recruitment events, including meetings with your Rho Gamma small groups.

Please note that students who do not have a meal plan with the university will be provided lunch on August 17th and August 18th but all other meals are not covered by the recruitment registration fee. 

Helpful hints: 

  • Consider bringing a change of shoes. There can be a lot of walking during recruitment from chapter facility to chapter facility and bringing a change of shoes is strongly advised.
  • Plan ahead. Many students find it helpful to bring a bag with them with face towels, personal fans or cosmetic products. 
  • Be sure to bring a water bottle! August in Oklahoma is hot! Make sure you bring a water bottle to stay hydrated between events. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for tips. Recruitment guides are great resources for students participating in the recruitment process and can provide helpful hints and tricks for a positive experience. 

Panhellenic Recruitment Contact Information

Use the information below to find who you should contact with specific recruitment questions. However, feel free to email any of us with questions and we will be happy to direct your question to the appropriate team member. 

You can also call (405) 325-4006 during normal business hours for help. 

Emily (Rhinehart) AhearnPanhellenic Advisore.ahearn@ou.eduGeneral recruitment information, registration/reimbursement issues, accommodations
Mackenzie TullierVP Recruitment Operations
mackenzie.l.tullier@ou.eduGeneral recruitment information, chapter-specific questions, recruitment logistics
Heidi YoungVP Recruitment Programming
heidiyoung257@ou.eduRho Gamma questions, recommendation letter questions
Mandy PopeRecruitment Assistant
amandapope251@ou.eduRegistration issues, transcript questions, changing information on registration
Cassidy SullivanRecruitment Assistant, Head Rho Gamma
cassidy.r.sullivan-1@ou.eduRho Gamma questions, communication with Rho Gammas