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Informal Recruitment

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Panhellenic Association Informal Recruitment

While many women in the Panhellenic community join our system through Formal Recruitment, we are happy to offer a secondary way to join a chapter. After total is reset each semester, several of our chapters are eligible to participate in Informal Recruitment, or Continuous Open Bidding (COB). COB is for current and unaffiliated University of Oklahoma women. 

The Spring 2023 COB Interest Form will open Saturday, December 17 at 10:00 AM. 


*Please note that those interested in COB should complete this each semester they are interested. The forms do not roll over each subsequent semester. *

Spring 2023 Informal Recruitment Informational

Please join us on Wednesday, January 18th, 2023 for our Spring 2023 Informal Recruitment Informational. At this event you will learn more about the Panhellenic experience, the process of Informal Recruitment or continuous open bidding, as well as speak with the eligible (but not necessarily required to participate) chapters for Spring 2023. 

  • Wednesday, January 18th, 2023 at 7:00 PM in the Govenors, Regents & Associates rooms in the Oklahoma Memorial Union (map). 

Informal Recruitment Frequently Asked Questions

Informal Recruitment is structured much differently than our formal process in the fall. If you have questions regarding COB, please contact the Panhellenic recruitment team. We are happy to help! 

COB (Continuous Open Bidding) is also known as Informal Recruitment. It is the chapter-driven recruitment process that can occur all year. COB eligibility is set at the start of each semester when chapters turn in their most updated rosters to the Panhellenic office. 

Our team sets campus total using median chapter size. Any chapter falling below campus total are eligible to participate in Continuous Open Bidding until they reach campus total. 

Spring COB 

Chapters will update their rosters with Panhellenic the first week of classes in the spring term. Panhellenic will calculate and reset campus total (the total number of women each chapter is allowed to have) by chapter median size. There are typically 4 to 5 COB-eligible chapters that will host their own events and programs to get to know potential new members. 

Fall COB

Following the Formal Recruitment period, total will be calculate and reset using chapter median size. Much like in the spring, any chapter falling under the campus median size are COB-eligible. These chapters will host their own events and programs to get to know potential new members. PNMs can sign up for Fall COB following the distribution of bids on Bid Day.

Each term, you can email the Panhellenic recruitment team or reach out at to inquire about what chapters are COB-eligible. Please note that COB eligiblity does not necessarily mean a chapter will participate. 

Panhellenic will host a COB Informational Meeting in the spring semester to kick-off the recruitment process and all other events will be held by the chapters. Check out Panhellenic's social media platforms prior to the informational meeting to find event details. 

COB, also known as Informal Recruitment is just that - informal. Chapters can contact potential new members in two ways: 

  1. Personal connections. Chapters connect with PNMs they have met on campus before, are friends of current members, etc. 
  2. Informal Recruitment Interest Form. Many PNMs fill out the Panhellenic Informal Recruitment Interest Form (link above). That information is distributed to COB-eligible chapters to contact PNMs. 

After total is reset each semster, COB-eligible chapters can contact you and invite you to events they might be hosting. Previous COB events have included movie nights, dinner at the chapter facility, etc. These events are typically informal in nature and allow chapter members and PNMs to get to know each other. 

Just as not all Panhellenic chapters are COB-eligible each semester, not all PNMs are COB-eligible either. Check out the flow chart below to see if you are eligible to participate in COB. 

*Please note that if, at any time, you have gone through another NPC organization's initiation process, you are not COB-eligible.* 

If you still have questions about your COB eligibilty, contact the Panhellenic team and we can help. 

The Panhellenic Association does not require a specific grade point average to participate in formal or informal recruitment. However, each sorority has a minimum grade requirement to be considered for membership and initiation. The average grade point for a freshman to join is around a 3.2 and the average grade requirement for an upperclassmen student is around a 3.0.  These grades are pulled from university records.

Panhellenic Association Contact Information

Use the information below to find who you should contact with specific recruitment questions. However, feel free to email any of us with questions and we will be happy to direct your question to the appropriate team member. 

You can also call (405) 325-3163 during normal business hours for help. 

Macy PorterVP Recruitment
Abbey BoetticherVP Recruitment
Emily AhearnPanhellenic Advisor