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Recruitment and Intake

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Recruitment and Intake

Interested in learning more about the fraternity and sorority community at the University of Oklahoma? Use this page as a hub for everything you will need to know about going Greek! Links to each of our council pages are below: 

Council Recruitment and Intake Processes

More than 6,500 current students have chosen to join the Fraternity & Sorority community at the University of Oklahoma. Each of our 57 active chapters is a member of one of our five Greek councils and each offers unique opportunities for personal growth and meaningful experiences to 30% of University of Oklahoma students.

Each council has its own recruitment and intake process. Learn about how to join each of our councils below.

The Interfraternity Council is home to 18 social fraternities, many of which have their own housing facilities. IFC Formal Recruitment is set for August 17 - 22, 2022.

Learn more about joining IFC

The Independent Greek Council is home to nine special-interest fraternities and sororities including technical studies, religious, cultural, and music. The recruitment process for the Independent Greek Council varies by chapter. Some chapters recruit semesterly while others recruit annually. Many IGC chapters recruit the first few weeks of each semester and hold a variety of events for those interested in joining their chapter to attend. 

Learn more about joining IGC

The Multicultural Greek Council is home to 13 culturally based Greek organizations, seven fraternities and seven sororities, here at the University of Oklahoma. MGC serves Asian, Latinx, Native American, and multicultural interest groups, but you do not have to hold these identities to join a MGC organization. 

MGC recruitment occurs the first two weeks of the semester. To join, prospective students should attend the following:

  • MGC Showcase 2022 (August 31 at 6:00 PM, South Oval)

    • MGC Showcase is an opportunity for MGC organizations to exhibit who they are as a chapter. Each organization has 5 minutes to showcase a dance, video, or speech about what it means to be a member of their Greek chapter. Not only do you experience special insight into each organization, this event is also a time to witness the collaborative nature of MGC. Through MGC Showcase you will understand their collective culture through their support for fellow organization/non-organization members. (*Recommended to attend before Informationals in order to experience the complexity of each MGC organization.) 

  • Fall 2022 Informationals (August 24 and 25, 2022)

    • Informationals offer organizations to present themselves to prospective students through 30-minute presentations. These sessions provide greater in-depth knowledge about the organization and are a requirement for prospective students who wish to join a MGC organization.  

  • Recruitment events hosted by the organizations (TBA)
    • Each organization will host their own recruitment events. Check their social media accounts (can be found under the tab, "MGC Chapters") for their specific recruitment event schedule. These events are not required but highly encouraged to attend! 

In order to be considered a prospective new member of an MGC organization, each prospective student MUST attend at least one informational session for the group they are interested in. After turning in an application for membership with a specific chapter, you will be selected for an interview. If selected, you must fill out an University of Oklahoma Official Intake Acceptance Form with the Fraternity & Sorority Programs and Services team.   

Learn more about joining MGC

The National Pan-Hellenic Council is comprised of nine historically Black fraternities and sororities, also called the “Divine Nine.” NPHC does not have a formal intake (also known as recruitment) process but will host a general informational at the beginning of the fall semester called Greekdom 101. Each chapter does hold individual intake meetings or informationals at their own discretion. Typically, flyers or social media announcements will be posted in advance. You can find specific chapter contact information here

Learn more about joining NPHC

The Panhellenic Association is home to 11 social interest sororities that all have a chapter housing facility. Our next opportunity to join a chapter is during Fall 2022 Formal Recruitment. To find other helpful information at about formal and informal recruitment, please follow this link

If you are interested in joining an organization centered on friendship, service, and scholarship, the fraternity or sorority experience can be a great place to build community here on campus.

For questions, please email or visit You can also view our 2022 Fraternity and Sorority Experience Guide which includes information about academics, community demographics, costs and more:

Click the link below to register and get more information about Panhellenic Recrutiment 2022. Registration for Fall 2022 Formal Recruitment will open on May 16th at 9:00 AM and will close August 9th at 5:00 PM.

Learn more about joining Panhellenic

Interested in learning more? Check out our latest Experience Guide below.