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Asian American Programs and Services

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Asian American Programs and Services, Office of Student Life, The University of Oklahoma

About Us

Asian American Programs and Services (ASAMPS)  is one of four Multicultural Programs & Services (MCPS) offices that support a variety of students at the University of Oklahoma. With guidance from MCPS, we strive to strengthen the OU experience through our pillars of Community, Leadership, and Advocacy.

ASAMPS strives to provide motivation, encouragement, guidance, and support to all Asian American and Pacific Islander students as they matriculate to graduation. Through campus and community involvement, mentorship, leadership development, cultural awareness & support, we guide students to grow and develop through active participation towards their educational journey and goals.

Get Involved

Our office hosts many annual programs that celebrate and honor our culture while enriching the OU community. Additionally, we directly advise the Asian American Student Association, a premier student organization supporting the development of Asian students. We encourage you to also check out the many other cultural organizations on campus!

Meet Our Team

Cody Thach

Duong (Cody) Thach serves as the Coordinator for Asian American Programs and Services. In this role, he serves as the primary advisor for the Asian American Student Association.

Cody is a graduate of Pomona College where he was involved in a number of Asian American, queer, and low-income/first-generation college student communities. From these involvements, he strongly identifies with and believes in student-centered and student-led activism. In previous roles, he has promoted educational access and equity at a university tour center, cross cultural center, and city teen center.