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Camp Crimson

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Virtual Camp Crimson

For more than 20 years, OU has hosted Camp Crimson, a premier orientation experience designed to help students acclimate to college life and connect with both classmates and outstanding upperclass students who serve as mentors throughout the entire first year and beyond.

Though we are unable to host Camp Crimson in person, we are launching our first ever virtual experience!

How will it work?

Students will be placed into a small groups of 20 - 30 based on interests that they select on their registration form. They will be matched with three small group leaders who also share these interests and have been training for months to smooth the road for incoming students.

These small groups will then be united in person during move-in for a few days of fun group activities and campus exploration before classes begin.  We will share more information regarding this portion once it is available.

Virtual Camp Crimson will be hosted through Canvas, the platform students will also use for their classes in the fall. We hope that by using Canvas, students will become familiar with the system and be more successful when they utilize it for academic courses in the fall.

Campers will have access to different themed modules each week. We are hoping to have everything from interactive videos made by different offices around campus to a virtual involvement fair and optional game nights once a week. These modules aren’t meant to be homework. Campers will have access to all of the resources, but be able to choose which ones they want to use. The modules are explained more below in the time commitment section.

This 6-week program will be hosted June 22 - August 7. We know students may have summer plans so our programming, while being informative and engaging, is completely flexible!

The time commitment would only be about 1-2 hours a week; campers choose the amount of time they would like to spend on everything. 

Ideally, students would only spend approximately 1 hour focused on the content, and more of their time making connections with their small groups, attending events, and meeting new people.

Virtual Camp Crimson 2020 Schedule

Module 1

June 22Welcome: Getting to Know You

Module 2

July 6Campus Success Kit

Module 3

July 13

Academics and More

Module 4

July 20


Module 5

July 27

Module 6August 3Around Campus and Next Steps

Each week will highlight a specific topic that students can utilize during their time at the University of Oklahoma. During each week, our Orientation Staff and small group leaders (SGLs) will conduct activities to go along with that week’s topic. The students will be able to chat in their small groups and ask their SGLs any questions about the modules. We want this online experience to be as informative, interactive  and flexible as possible!

We are thrilled to announce that Camp Crimson will be combining with Student Orientation Weekend to create Crimson Welcome Week, August 15-18. We are thrilled to offer an in-person Camp Crimson experience with multiple events and fun activities that were normally a part of SOW. We are still in the planning phase and don't have details just yet, but make sure you mark your calendar. We will be reaching out with more information once we have it. 


Virtual Camp Crimson Registration is closed. 

If you missed the registration for VCC, no worries, we can't wait to meet you during Crimson Welcome Week!

If you would like more information or would like to talk to us about the possibility of joining Virtual Camp Crimson late, please reach out to us at

Virtual Camp Crimson Tips


All emails regarding Camp Crimson information will be sent to the student's OU email account. 


This will help you stay updated when Virtual Camp Crimson begins!


Virtual Camp Crimson is completely free. 


If you have any questions about Camp Crimson, please email


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