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Planning Walk/Race/Biathalon

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Plan a Race/Run/Walk on Campus

Events of this nature involve a large amount of planning and organization among many different University and community offices. It is required that planning begins at least six (6) months in advance of the event date. As a student organization planning this event, it is recommended that you form an event-specific committee to handle all of the paperwork and negotiations regarding the event. One student cannot reasonably be expected to handle everything by him/herself.

There are now 3 pre-approved University courses that must be used when planning a run/walk on campus. You will only be permitted to use one of these courses.

The document linked below is a checklist of University and community offices your group will most likely need to be in contact with for your event planning. It is the responsibility of the event organizers to make sure all of the necessary contacts and arrangements are made well in advance of the event date. To begin your planning process, it is recommended that you schedule a meeting with a Student Life representative to go through the checklist and answer any initial questions you may have about the work that needs to be done. To schedule a meeting please e-mail George Ahmadi at