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Registering/Updating a Student Organization

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Register A Student Organization

The University of Oklahoma boasts over 500 registered student organizations that cover a wide variety of interests from academic initiatives to recreational sports, religious groups, honor societies, hobbies, cultural clubs, and more.

All student organizations at the University of Oklahoma are required to register with the Student Government Association (SGA) in order to become or remain eligible for the SGA primary funding process. New organizations may register at any time during the academic year if funding is not of consideration.

Registered organizations receive benefits from the University of Oklahoma including free or discounted reservations of University facilities, the ability to publicize on campus, an assigned mailbox in the Conoco Wing of the Union, sponsorship opportunities from University departments, a University Web site and e-mail address, and more.

Before registering a student organization, please make sure you are aware of the policies here.  

2019-20 Student Organization Registration

We are now accepting registration for 2019-20.

ALL returning RSOs must begin registering on Monday, Aug 19, 2019, by visiting their portal and clicking on Update Now.

Please note that updating your profile and re-registration are the same process in OrgSync.

If you re-registered or updated your profile over the summer, you will still be required to submit a new registration.

******* All RSOs must submit their registration by Friday, September 13, 2019 *******

Please note that only portal administrators have access to re-register. If you are not a portal administrator and need to submit this information, you must get a current administrator to do the following:

  • Log into OrgSync.
  • Go to your portal and click on People.
  • Click on the profile that needs access.
  • Click on Manage and then choose Administrator

Portal administrators have access to everything in an RSO portal. Please be mindful of only granting access to the person submitting the re-registration or update. I will send a follow-up emails about how permissions can be structured in OrgSync.

For any questions, please email K. George Ahmadi at

If you are registering a new organization:

  • At least ten (10) enrolled student members
  • A faculty/staff advisor who is employed full time at the University of Oklahoma
  • A completed online application on OrgSync.

The registration process involves enrollment verification for each of the stated members, and employment verification for the stated faculty/staff adviser. 

All Greek-lettered, single-sex organizations are required to serve under a governing council. For more information or any questions, please contact Quy Nguyen at

Update a Student Organization's Officers or Advisor

Any changes to officers and advisors for student organizations need to be submitted within ten (10) days of the election or associated change process. You can make these updates by updating your organization's portal in OrgSync.