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Reserving Classroom and Spaces on Campus

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Reserving Classroom and Spaces on Campus

Registered student organizations may use classroom space on campus with prior permission during the academic year. All requests for student organization classroom use must be submitted to Student Life at least one week in advance of the requested date. Classroom space is as a premium so registered student organizations are encouraged to submit classroom use requests as early as possible for the best available rooms. Academic classes and University-sponsored initiatives receive priority for classroom space so groups should always have alternate locations in mind in case their requested date and time is not available.

Please note: Registered student organizations are not permitted to use classroom space during the first three weeks of any semester. Alternate locations need to be secured for meetings or activities during this time frame.

Classroom use guidelines:
1. Food and drinks are not allowed in classrooms.
2. Registered student organization use is restricted to reserved classrooms only. Lobbies, basements, and unreserved vacant classrooms may not be used for group activities.
3. Academic classes and University-sponsored initiatives take priority over student organization classroom use. If there is ever an instance of conflicting classroom reservations between a student organization and an academic class that is not due to an error on the part of one of those two parties (or that cannot be resolved at the time of the event) please defer to the academic class and bring the issue to the attention of Student Life on the next available business day.
4. Classroom space is available for the exact time that is reserved. Organizations should not enter classrooms earlier than reserved, nor should they stay later than their assigned time. If setup time is necessary for an activity/event, please include that time in your reservation request.

Complete the Classroom Reservation Request on OrgSync (login with 4x4 and password).

The south oval is the prime outdoor area on campus for registered student organizations to publicize events, register new members, set up displays, and more. Any registered student organization wishing to host an activity of any sort on the south oval must first reserve a space through the Campus Scheduling office. Space on the south oval is at a premium, especially during nice weather. Reserve space as early as possible and at least three days prior to the requested activity date.

Please use the list of questions below to determine whether your activity is suitable for the south oval and to ensure your group makes all of the necessary preparations for south oval use.

At the bottom of the page you will find a link to the online Facility Request Form.

Will your event include any of the following: third parties, contracts, large structures, inflatables, animals, a space larger than 10’x10’ or any other risk factors?
If yes, you will be required to submit a Special Events Request Form at least fifteen (15) business days before your event. This form allows all necessary parties at the university to approve the event and provide any necessary information to event organizers.

Do your activity plans involve use of a public address system (microphone, speakers, etc.)?

If yes, your organization should find an alternate location for the event. Public address systems and loud events of any kind are not permitted on the south oval while classes are in session due to close proximity to classroom buildings and the library. More suitable facilities for speeches or concerts are indoor locations such as the Union or Catlett Music Center, or the Adams-Walker Mall area (reserved by the Housing Office in Walker Tower). Classrooms may be used by registered student organizations for presentations that do not involve loud music or dancing.

Will your organization be raising money at the activity?
Registered student organizations are permitted to solicit for charity, organizational activities, and other non-profit purposes with permission from Campus Scheduling and payment of a solicitation fee. The solicitation fee is $25 for the first day and $2 per consecutive day thereafter. The event organizer will need to include the solicitation information on the South Oval Tabling Space Request Form and will be notified by Campus Scheduling of the amount due upon approval of the facility use. Solicitation fees may be paid by check written to the University of Oklahoma or by processing a University account transfer for the specified amount.

Will food or beverage be served at the activity?
If yes, all food and beverage service must first be approved by the Cleveland County Health Department. This requirement is waived if your organization is using OU Housing and Food Services as the food and beverage provider.

In order to receive approval from the Health Department, you must complete the form linked below and bring it to the Campus Scheduling office at least ten (10) days before the scheduled event. The Health Department will contact the person listed on the form with approval or requirements for compliance. Approval must be received before the facility use will be granted.

Will your organization need to rent tables, chairs, or any other special equipment (including access to electricity)?

If yes, you will need to contact Facilities Management at 325-3060 AFTER your facility request has been approved to make arrangements. The student organization is responsible for any charges associated with equipment rental or other event services. The Physical Plant requires at least 72 hours notice for student organization requests (large events that require multiple services should be scheduled several weeks in advance at a minimum).

South Oval Guidelines (Please find the full Facility Use Policy below):

  • No public address system or loud events are allowed while classes are in session (including weekend classes).
  • Registered student organizations are not allowed vehicle access to the South Oval.
  • Any structures to be placed on the south oval must be pre-approved by Student Life, Student Affairs, and the Landscaping department to prevent damage to facilities.

Complete the Registered Student Organization South Oval Tabling Request

To reserve space in the Henderson Tolson Cultural Center or Jim Thorpe Multicultural Center, you must do so through your OU Reserve account. To view the reservable spaces of each facility, click the appropriate button below. 

HTCC Spaces

JTMC Spaces