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Travel Policy

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Plan a Student Organization Trip

If your registered student organization is planning a trip there are several steps you should take in order to comply with University policy and ensure a safe and fun journey for your members.

  1. You and your advisor must first be registered on OrgSync.
  2. On OrgSync fill out the appropriate travel form and upload the required documents if any.
  3. Your advisor will then be notified via email that your form is pending their approval. The advisor must log in and approve the form on OrgSync.
  4. Once your form has been approved by your advisor, Student Affairs will be notified of your submission and will approve or contact you for further information. No submissions will be approved by Student Affairs until the advisor has approved the form.

IMPORTANT: All forms must be approved by your advisor at least three business days from scheduled travel date to.

Required Documents for your Trip

As an organization, it is your responsibility to ensure important documents regarding your participants are kept on file. Copies of these documents should be kept in the advisor’s office, in a secure place designated by the president, and be on-hand during the actual trip.  All required documents are found on OrgSync within the appropriate travel form. They can be printed and uploaded for submission when applicable.

Allow plenty of time to acquire signatures from your members. Keep in mind that most of these documents will have to be printed, filled out by each participant, collected by the president and advisor, and in some cases, scanned and uploaded to OrgSync before the travel request can be submitted and approved. 

Emergency Contact for your Trip

Your organization must designate a University employee to serve as an emergency contact. The employee can be your advisor if he/she is not going on the trip. However, if your official advisor will be traveling with the group, the emergency contact needs to be another faculty or staff member at OU.=

For full details on what is required for organization travel, please view the Travel Policy for Registered Student Organizations.

Student Travel Policy for Registered Student Organizations

As the spring semester gets underway and some of you make plans for field trips and research and service trips, the University of Oklahoma Norman campus has in place travel restrictions to West African countries under CDC Level 3 travel warnings. While there have been no cases of Ebola in Oklahoma, we must be vigilant and prepared.  OU has taken steps in an effort to assure the protection and safety of our faculty, staff and students. Almost all universities and colleges throughout the country have taken similar actions.

Please review the Travel Restriction Policy (pdf)