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StudioU is a service of the Gaylord College at the University of Oklahoma. Student-produced, student-managed, StuidoU is live and student-supported radio for the OU campus and Norman community.

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The Voice of OU

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StudioU, formerly known as KXOU, is a student-led radio station that functions out of Gaylord College. Due to campus regulations, our station is a bit different; we are a digital station. Because of this, our content can only be accessed via the TuneIn application (available on mobile and desktop) and on our website.

All of our content is produced and managed by students for students (and faculty), which earned us our slogan, 'The Voice of OU.' We strive to promote issues and topics relevant to students and faculty at the university. Everyone has a voice, and we seek every opportunity to provide a platform for others. Together, we are the voice of OU. 

For more information about our sponsorship opportunities, social media or contact information, please access the other tabs on our site. Also, check out our live music player, which connects to TuneIn directly!